Awakening to "Whole-Being"-
A Channeled Message from Malachi

Malachi through Donna Watkins

(Published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence in March, 2009)

Greetings Little Ones

We are Malachi, a group of Light Beings that reside with the One Source. Indeed we have come here at this time and place to give you information and messages of love and hope. We know that in this time there is much fear in your world but we are here to tell you that there does not need to be. We have come to bring you guidance and instruction in Awakening. Indeed, it is the time of The Awakening when all in your world will be brought into the place of Whole-Being. This place of Whole-Being is the place in which you will align with One Source and receive the Christ Consciousness which is coming soon.

We have great love for you, our Little Ones. Note that we do not call you Little Ones because you are lesser or smaller than we are but because to us you are like our children. We watch over you and are here to teach and guide you to grow along your own path to Whole-Being. Just as you watch with sadness as your own children stumble and fall while growing so do we watch with sadness as you make mis-steps and are hurt occasionally as you find you path. As you know that you cannot live your children’s lives for them, we too are aware of this.

You, dear ones, must learn from your mis-steps as they cause you to grow in spirit. We cannot make your decisions for you but know that we are here to assist and guide you. But just as there is sadness occasionally when we cannot keep you from falling, know that, as you do with your own children, we constantly stand amazed and awed at your perseverance and spirit and our love for you grows ever more as a result.

Indeed, you are growing on your own but now it is time for us to be here to assist you in preparing for The Awakening. We are here to teach Whole-Being through this channel.

Let us speak to you of this process of becoming Whole-Being. The steps in this process will help you begin to remember who you are and where you came from. The process will help clear your mind, body and spirit for Awakening and Ascension.

We all have come from and reside in the One Source. This is what you may call the Great Spirit, Universal Love, God, whatever name you have for the all-encompassing source of all-that-is. You may call it as you wish but for our purposes we refer to One Source or Source. All still reside in Source but in your world most of you have forgotten that. You have forgotten your birthright as children of Source, indeed as Source itself. As you were born in Source, so you will return to Source after your physical form is no more. We have come with teachings, or a method, if you will of how to achieve Whole-Being and return to Source.


In order to become Whole-Being, you must release your fear and learn to trust. In order to release fear and to gain trust, you must learn to forgive. The process of forgiveness is a difficult one for you Earth-beings because you have created a world with much sensory experience and your bodies and minds have become linked to the senses to the detriment of the spirit. You all feel things so deeply and have so much emotion tied up in what you feel.

Indeed this thought/feeling/emotion connection is required to manifest in your world but it is the negative thought that occurs so much that brings you back from the realm of Spirit to the mundane, physical world and further creates the negative world you find yourselves in.

You must learn to control your thoughts and feelings and work from a place of positive emotion, vibration and energy. Forgiveness helps to release the negative emotion surrounding a person or an incident and allows the positive vibration of love to enter in.

When you are holding any kind of anger or hurt or fear of another person or a situation, you cannot progress spiritually. In order to progress, you need to release any fear or anger you hold within you. It is true that there are people who have done things that you feel hurt by but on a metaphysical level you all know that you helped to create these situations with your negative thought patterns formed either in early life or in a previous life and carried over. You also know that all things happen for a reason chosen by you, to move you along your path.

When you were still soul energy before this incarnation, you chose the lessons to be learned in this life; the problem comes when you get stuck in the story of “but this is what happened to me” and fail to learn the lesson which will progress you along your path. This is where forgiveness comes in.

When you are stuck in your story, you become the victim and the victim can never be the victor. Victim energy is wholly negative and keeps you from realizing your power. When you forgive, you learn your lesson and become the victor; moving with great speed along your path. The energy of the victor that we speak of is not that you now have power over another human being or are better than that person but that you now have power over the negative emotion and vibration and can rise above it. Forgiveness does not say that what was done “to you” was either right or wrong but forgiveness frees you from ties to the story and allows you to live in the vibration of love. When you forgive, you raise not only your consciousness but the consciousness of the person who has “wronged” you.

You may not realize it but the vibration of forgiveness and love will be transmitted along the frequency of a higher dimension to the spirit of the other party. They will feel the love that is being sent even if they do not know who is sending it. It will bring some measure of peace to them. Forgiveness heals through vibration. It is one of the highest spiritual things you can do for another being or for yourself. Indeed we say “yourself” as many, many times the person who needs the most forgiveness is you. You human beings have a knack for hurting yourselves over and over. You punish and criticize and speak badly to yourself much more than any other person ever has or ever will. This is because you have forgotten that you are Source and part of the great Love that is the entire Universe.

In that Love there is no fear or anger or jealousy; there is no ugliness or anything that is not perfect in its creation and form. You are perfect in your creation but when you look in the mirror you do not remember that. You say to yourselves, “I am not good enough to be loved. I am not pretty or handsome enough. I am not thin enough. I am not smart enough. I am a bad person.”

We say to you now, forgive yourself all of the “things” that you think that you do wrong. Forgive yourself for not being the person you think you should be for indeed you are that person. You are Love. You are perfection. It is just hidden under the shell of “that which I think I should be”.

When you express forgiveness, you experience the One Source and return to that vibration. You will feel more and more peaceful and happy the more you practice forgiving yourself and others.

When you realize that you are One Source, you will begin to see life in a different way. You will live in Love and when you live in Love, you begin to see the best in yourself and in others as well. It is the first step leading to Whole-Being.


The next step to Whole-Being is to release your fear. As you live in Love, you will begin to trust more and let go of your fear of having to control it all. This is a big lesson for you, Little Ones. You have a tendency to want to control everything. There is little faith and trust in something outside of your conscious mind.

Religion in its current form has let you down, government has let you down and you feel that you must only trust yourself and what you can do by yourself. We are here to tell you that you are not “by yourself”; you are not alone. We are here to help. We are here to not only help guide you but to help you get in touch with that part of you that is Source; your Higher Self. If you have not connected with your higher self this is the time to do it. There are many wonderful classes and teachers that will help you to raise your vibration in order to connect with your higher self or your own guides.

Many guides and teachers have come to your world now from other planets and dimensions to help. A host of angels also stands ready to help. We are waiting to be called by you. We do not come nor do we interfere in your lives unless we are called upon.

It is true that your guardian angel will help you if you are in danger and it is not yet your time but, for the most part, we do not intervene unless you ask us to. We call to you in the deepest recesses of your mind and wait for you to return the call but many of you do not.

When you have made contact with your guide or angels or your higher self, you must listen to the guidance that is offered. You must trust that information and use it to live your lives. As we said before there is much fear right now in your world. We are here to say that if you will but trust us we can help you to release the fear and raise the consciousness of the world.

As we write this the United States is getting ready to decide on a new leader. As you read this, it will be done. There is a new direction that has been decided for your country and a new leader chosen that has raised the consciousness of many of you and will continue to do so. This is the beginning of the time of Awakening and he is part of that change. The consciousness of your planet will be raised and it will be raised one person at a time. Your country will play a huge part in changing the world to receive the coming Christ Consciousness. There are great numbers of your people feeling the call to change what “has been” to what it will become. The status quo is no longer acceptable. As was said by a great leader of your world, it is time to “become the change you wish to see in the world.” It is time for you all to take your rightful place as agents of change and peace. It is time to realize that there is something greater than yourselves but at the same time a part of you.

We ask that you trust your guides and angels and your higher self. Connect to One Source. Read and study and open to your higher consciousness. Take classes on channeling or psychic development. Your planet is moving from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius where there will be more emphasis on mental and spiritual development and more contact from beings from other worlds or dimensions.

As we said before, you do not have to “go it alone”. We are here to help. In fact, do you not notice that every time you try to do it only by yourself, something goes wrong?

In your world now there is much on the TV and radio stations and in your newspapers about lack and not enough. Your leaders promote fear and anger. You are led to believe that there are not enough resources to go around and that there are others who are jealous of your “way of life” and will try to take it from you. They would suggest that you take things first before they are all gone. They suggest the first strike.

They promote wars to go into other lands and take resources from those lands because your country deserves it more. They think only with their conscious minds and from a standpoint of lack and fear and greed and they promulgate that in their speeches and their actions everyday. They do not call upon a higher guidance (although they say that they do) and they do not do things for the greater good. They try to do it by themselves and they expect you to do the same. They expect and they promote the feeling of only “looking out for Number 1”. As is evidenced by the current “financial crisis” in your country, looking out for Number 1 only gets you hurt. It causes you to act from a place of fear and anger and when you are in that place you cannot experience Love. We ask that you trust Source and know that there is always more than enough to go around. Source can do nothing but create. What it creates is up to you.

Will you create more fear and anger and lack or will you create more love and resources? Will you create more dependence on your fossil fuels or will you look at higher and better technology? Will you keep creating a world where the money flows only to the top few in select areas or will you create a world where the wealth is spread around or even where there needs to be no money in order to live? Will you create more separation from your higher self and your guides or will you trust? Let go of your need to know what is happening all the time and to try to control it. Live in trust, knowing that One Source is taking care of you.

There is something that we told this channel before as trust is her great lesson as well that we would like to pass along to you. You live on an “I need to know basis” where you must know every little detail and be in control of it.

We are telling you that you should live on a “need to know” basis. You need to trust us, release control and know that as you need to know something, we will share and guide but in order to free your soul you must live daily in trust.

You do not need to know exactly where the money is coming from, just trust that it is. You do not need to know when the right job is coming or which one it is, just trust that it is already arranged and coming to you.

Your job is to raise your vibration for The Awakening; our job is to help see to your needs. As you raise vibration and live in Love, so your needs will be taken care of because Source can do nothing but create as your vibration dictates. When you live in Love and with Source, there is always enough. As you raise your vibration there is always enough money to meet your needs and desires. There is enough food to satisfy your hunger. There is enough water to quench your thirst and enough energy to power your lights. When you live in trust you have completed the next step to Whole-Being.

The process of becoming Whole Being is what we have come to share with you on this planet. This is a time of great change as you are well aware. The energy is shifting greatly in preparation for Ascension. You our dear Little Ones are the Lightworkers. You will be the ones to change the planet with the help of your guides and angels. We are here to give instruction in how to bring yourselves into alignment with Source in order to achieve that change. This has been named The Malachi Method-Awakening to Whole-Being by this vessel. We will speak more of the process of Whole-Being. As for this time and place, we are complete. Blessings to you now, Little Ones.

Published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence in March, 2009.

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