The Violet Wave of Ascension Meditation

The Violet Wave of Ascension Meditation was given to me during a channeling session from Archangel Raziel who is the Keeper of Divine Esoteric Knowledge.

This meditation increases our vibration so that we can more easily connect to our Divine Helpers. It also changes our DNA at the cellular level. According to Raziel, unless we have increased our vibration and changed our DNA at the cellular level by using this meditation, we will be unable to accept the White Wave which is the return of the Christ Consciousness and thus be unable to Ascend during the Shift. I have been charged with the task of getting this information out to the world so that as many as possible will be able to make the transformation.

Use this meditation at least twice a day until you can call up the violet wave at a moments notice. When you can see and feel the violet light, the silver sparks and the vibration of the wave, you have received the Violet Wave. Continue to practice the meditation at least twice a week after that to continue to live in the Ascended State.

I have included the video of the Violet Wave Meditation above and the audio only below.

Blessings to you.

Learn more about Channeling and how I received the Violet Wave.

Audio only of the Violet Wave:


(Here I have written the meditation in a form that you can record and listen to in your own voice. Again, do not use this meditation while driving; only use it when you can be completely and safely relaxed. The notes in parentheses at times during the meditation are notes for you to use in taping. There are times when you need to pause to allow the meditation to be effective and times when you will need to speak louder or increase the pace of your speech.)


Sit in a relaxed and comfortable position.

Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. Take at least three long, deep breaths and allow yourself to feel a deep sense of relaxation with each one. With each breath it feels as if you are sinking deeper down into the chair or bed or floor or whatever you have chosen to sit on to do this meditation. Each breath takes you deeper and deeper into this profoundly relaxed state. This is normal so just allow it to happen. You feel wonderfully relaxed.

Now as you continue to breathe slowly and regularly, imagine the Council of Archangels coming to surround you. You can feel their loving and majestic presence as they enter your room. You may see them or you may feel their loving vibrations or you may hear the beating of their wings. You begin now to feel a transforming sense of Love and Comfort from their presence. They are your Divine helpers and they are around you at all times. They have come as one to assist you in the raising of your vibration for the violet wave.

Notice now that Archangel Michael steps forward from them in all of his heavenly glory and begins to surround you with his light of protection and peace. He comes to you now with wings unfurled and surrounds you with Love and Light. Know that Michael is now creating sacred space around you so that only Love can enter. You may feel or experience this light as warmth or you may see this light as shining white light with sparkles of deep blue which indicates Michael’s presence.

This beautiful light starts to fill your body from the base of your spine up through you, touching all of your chakras and opening them and clearing them to fill you with peace and love. The light floods from every pore in your body to surround you like a cocoon and soon spreads to your entire space, filling your room and then the building you are in and finally filling and surrounding the entire building that you are in. It encloses your entire space with loving light and protection.

Experience now the beautiful sense of peace and protection that you have received from Michael. He is here to bring you Divine Love and you indeed are feeling that now. This Divine Love is warm and fills your entire body. Thank him now for his protection as he steps back into line with the other archangels. You are at peace now and ready to experience the violet wave.

Archangel Raziel steps forward now to assist in the coming of the violet wave. His aura is like that of a diamond in the light-it contains all of the colors of the rainbow and indeed you may begin seeing these colors as he comes closer to you. It will be as if you are enclosed in a diamond or a crystal. His name means “secret of God” and that is what he is here to bring you now. Raziel holds the secret of spiritual awakening and oneness with God. His gift to you is the violet wave.

He steps closer to you and places his hands on your head with his thumbs in the area of your third eye and his finger tips coming together on the top of your head. His thumbs are resting on the area of your third eye chakra and his finger tips on the area of your crown chakra. Feel Raziel now as he prepares these chakras to receive the violet wave. He is opening them and in turn is sending energy signals to every cell in your body to begin to prepare for the vibration of the violet wave. You may begin to feel energy coursing through your body at the cellular level in preparation but you are still feeling relaxed and at peace as this happens.

Raziel steps back from you now and holds his arms up to the heavens and as he does you begin to notice the beautiful colors of indigo and violet coming down from above your head. As these colors come they begin to form a wave pattern as they swirl together. This pattern looks much like a radio or voice wave as it undulates down. This is the violet wave and it will enter your body and work at the cellular level to raise your vibration and to increase your DNA strands.

As this wave comes down, Raziel begins to direct it into the top of your head through your crown chakra and your third-eye chakra which have been prepared to receive it. As the violet wave comes into your head and proceeds throughout your body, you begin to feel your frequency rising. The Violet Wave brings in higher and clearer psychic gifts. It also takes you higher in your spirituality and closer to Source or the Creator.

Imagine this beautiful wave of light and frequency coming down from above into your head and proceeding down through your body. The more you feel the wave coursing through your body, the deeper into a relaxed state you go. It is a beautiful deep violet color tinged with indigo and it pulses and undulates slowly like the waves in an ocean. It comes into your body through the top of your head and your third eye area. Know that as it pulses through your body it is changing you at the cellular level and raising your vibration.

Raziel stands by and controls how much of the wave comes in to your body at any one time. You can never receive too much or too little as he knows exactly how much to give you. The more you practice this meditation the more of the violet wave you will receive. Soon your body will be living in this beautiful wave and your frequency will be lifted so that you can experience spiritual awakening. You will have higher and clearer psychic gifts as you lift in vibration. You will feel a deeper and deeper sense of peace and connection to God.

Living in the frequency of the violet wave will prepare you for receiving the White wave of the Christ consciousness when it returns. As you practice the violet wave meditation more and raise higher in vibration, you will begin to see sparkles of silver mixed in with the indigo and violet colors of the wave. This is indicating that you are going higher and higher in frequency and preparing you to receive the White Wave.

Imagine and feel now the violet wave as it courses through your body raising your frequency and bringing you closer to God.


Now begin to imagine that the violet wave from above gets smaller and smaller until it finally disappears. Know that Raziel has given you just enough for this session but also be aware that each and every time that you practice the violet wave meditation, your body will be able to receive more and more of the violet wave; increasing your vibration and your spiritual gifts.

Raziel lovingly comes forward again and places his hands on your head as he did before. Feel him now closing your crown chakra and your third eye chakra through which you received the violet wave. Know that even though they are closed, the violet wave is still within your body, raising your vibration at a cellular level and preparing you to live in the fifth dimension of spiritual awakening. He now seals all of your chakras and your aura which is much brighter and stronger. He steps back from you, back to the other archangels who have been lovingly imparting their energy to you during the receiving of the violet wave. Know now that you have received a gift of Divine knowledge from them and that you will continue to receive it.

Michael steps forward again to let you know that even as this meditation comes to an end, his love and protection do not. They are always with you-you have only to ask, “Michael, protect me” and he will be there again. He leaves your space with loving residue of his presence.

Thank the archangels now for their presence and know that they are always with you at just a moment’s notice but they will all come again in force each time you practice the Violet Wave Meditation.

As you feel them leaving, you are left with a profound sense of peace and love. You begin to feel yourself coming back to this room and this place and time for even though you did not leave; you have felt transported into the angelic realm.

(speed up talking)

Notice as the feeling returns to your fingers and toes and you begin to feel more awake and aware. Take some deep breaths and notice with each breath that you feel more awake. Feel the support of the chair or bed or floor beneath you and begin to feel the grounding energy they provide. Now you are completely awake and aware of your surroundings. You feel refreshed with renewed energy. You know that the violet wave has raised your vibration and will continue to do so even as you go about your daily routine. You are fully awake and aware now and looking forward to becoming aware of and using your increased gifts.

Learn more about Channeling and how I received the Violet Wave.

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