The Human Aura

The aura has been studied and written about almost as long as man has been on the planet.  It is a fascinating subject and very important in the study of phenomena in Spiritualism. 

Many religions and philosophies have attempted to identify the aura including medieval saints and mystics who described four different types of auras and Theosophists who described five different divisions of the aura.  The aura is also quite evident in religious art from many cultures depicting holy beings with some type of light or glowing disc surrounding the head.  Most everyone has seen a picture of Jesus showing a glowing halo around his head.

A comprehensive book called The Human Aura, published by Marques in 1896, gave many references to the studies and writings by others about the aura.  In this book Marques referred to writings about “vital fluid radiating around humans” by Paracelsus and observances by Andrew Jackson Davis concerning the aura.      Davis talked about observing the auras of people in groups and how they would “blend” or “repel” other auras depending on the “sympathy” that one person had with another.  Davis also spoke of mesmerism and how he could “see” that the aura of the mesmerist would blend with the aura of the person being mesmerized.

What is the aura?  The origin of the word has been attributed to both the Latin word meaning “air” and the Sanskrit root, Ar, meaning “spoke of the wheel.”    The aura has been described as the “psychic or magnetic” atmosphere around something and also has sometimes been called the “human rainbow” because of the colors that many people attribute to the aura as it appears around human beings.  Most people agree that there are several levels of auras or energy fields surrounding the body.

In 1911, Dr. Walter Kilner published a book called The Human Aura.  In this book he described many of the findings of his research into observing and recording the aura.  He noted that most people could not see the aura with the naked eye but those who had developed a special clairvoyant ability could.  As part of his research, Dr. Kilner created a “dicyanin screen” made up of two small pieces of glass with a coal-tar dye called dicyanin inserted between the two.  He observed that, by looking through this screen, 95% of people could then see the aura.  He broke down the emanation seen into three parts:  The Etheric Double which was a dark line about a quarter of an inch wide that surrounded and was adjacent to the body; the Inner Aura which was a semi-luminous strip, an inch or more wide, that radiated from all parts of the body and the Outer Aura which started at the distal edge of the inner aura and extended outward into space for several inches.

Two of the most famous researchers in the study of the aura were Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentina.  They were responsible for creating a machine that took “photographs” of the aura.  Their method became known as “Kirlian Photography.”  They used high voltage optical instruments to “photograph” objects, both living and non-living.  They were able to observe the energy field surrounding living things and also to see how that field could change if the object was damaged in any way.  In fact, they were able to show that the energy field was affected first by the damage and then damage appeared later in the physical form. 

All of the studies of the aura have led to scientific proof of what mediums have known for ages; that there is an energy field around the human body that can be observed or sensed by those who have the psychic ability to do so.  In “reading” this field, either by the colors that are observed or by sensing its wholeness, those who are sensitive to the energy can get an insight into the physical, mental and spiritual makeup of an individual.  This can help psychic healers diagnose and treat illness that appears in the aura before it transfers to the physical body.  It can also help us understand our higher nature and how we can best interact with each other as spiritual beings.

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