The Other Side


It is the Realm of Spirit where our spirit resides after death and between lives. It is our true home.

Mediumship is the ability to speak with the spirit of those who have crossed over to the other side. Our loved ones greatly desire to contact us and they do so all the time, we just aren't always tuned in to them. A medium can help you and your loved ones communicate with each other.

Our souls or spirits are eternal and are pure energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies at different levels of creation. When our spirits inhabit a human body, the level of vibration is generally brought down a little. When the spirit is free of the body, its vibration rises again to its normal level. A medium has the ability to raise their own vibration in order to make contact with the spirit.

Mediums may make contact with the spirits directly or may have the contact facilitated by a guide. Many mediums have a combination of both.


People always want to know if there truly is "life after death". Rest assured that there is! As I said before, our spirits are eternal-they are energy and physics has proven that energy can not be destroyed.

Our spirits usually leave our bodies moments before the actual physical death, especially in cases of trauma or severe pain. Take this to heart and know that your loved ones who had traumatic deaths, did not suffer for long. Their souls were most likely already out of the body.

You have no doubt heard of the "bright light at the end of the tunnel". This is an effect of our vibration increasing as we are pulled back to the other side. My guides said to think of it appearing something like in a science fiction movie where the spaceship jumps to "light speed"!

Most spirits report that they are greeted by friends and relatives that have gone on before. They are also almost always greeted by their primary guide. It is a wonderful "homecoming" as the other side truly is our home. It is where we started from and where we go in between our lives. This is just "Earth School" (there are many other schools on many other worlds as well).

If any of you have been privileged enough to be with someone during their transition, you most likely have seen evidence of this "welcoming committee" on their face as they see them for the first time. How many of your loved ones have you seen smile or look at something far away that you cannot see? They are looking at the gateway where they are being welcomed with open arms. If any of you are sensitive enough, you may have seen the "welcoming committee" as well!

Know too, that before your loved one goes home, he or she will try to contact you to ease your grief. They want you to know that they are still here; still "alive"-only their body is gone. They want you to know that not only will they never be far from you but they will see you again when you go "home".

You can best prepare yourself for this contact if you are open to receiving it. Try to calm your mind for a time as overwhelming grief can prevent them from reaching you. It helps to hold something that belonged to your loved one as the energy imprint will help them connect to you. It is very important that they know that they have comforted you in some way.

For more information on how our loved ones in Spirit contact us, see my book, Signs From Heaven:  How to Read the Messages From Your Loved Ones in the Spirit World.


Once we are home, there is a great deal of activity. If a soul has been damaged by a difficult life on earth, it may go to "the Healing Place" for a time of restoration. We all experience some sort of restoration of our souls but minor work can be done by our guide-anything more must be done in the Healing Place.

After the reunion and restoration, there is usually a meeting with our guide to review the most recent life. There is also a review with Master Guides later on.

Much of our time spent on the other side is in review and in learning. The ultimate goal of our soul journey is to be one again with Source or First Cause or God. This is a process of continued learning and growing until we ourselves become Masters. Although the review is sometimes hard to sit through, it is always done with Love.

We also have a lot of fun when we are home! We can study anything we want. There are parties, and meetings with old friends. There is music and dancing. In fact, most people report hearing music right away as they begin their transition home.


After the appropriate amount of time, we begin the process of selecting our next life and what we intend to learn. We may choose to incarnate again on Earth or we may choose another world or dimension! All of this is discussed with our primary guide and the Master Guides. The selection is made and we begin our journey all over again. When we select another incarnation on Earth, we are well prepared spiritually with what we need. There is an agreement however, that during the birth process an amnesiac block sets in so that we don't remember the other side or our exact lessons. This is so we actually have to learn!

My guides explain it as similar to taking a test. If you have cheated and gotten the answers up front, you might get an "A" but you haven't learned the material. If faced with that test again, you can't answer the questions because you never learned anything. If we knew the answers up front, we would never learn the lesson. We must experience it again and use our connection to our Higher Self and our guide to overcome and have a successful outcome.

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