Suicide and Heaven

Suicide and Heaven-do those terms really go together? Many people think that they don't.

Do people who commit suicide go to Heaven. The answer is a resounding...YES!!!

This was actually written several years ago for our newsletter but the issue of suicide has not gone away; in fact, it seems that almost everyday we read of some other young person who was bullied or had some other tragedy in their lives who chose suicide as a way of stopping the pain.

Since the time of this writing, I have also had many channeled sessions with departed spirits who gave me basically the same information. All of our loved ones who have passed-no matter what the cause of their passing-are safe and happy on The Other Side. Or Heaven, if you like that term better.

I hope that this brings you comfort if you have lost a loved one to suicide.

I spoke with Archangel Azrael who is the Angel of Death. It is Azrael who meets us when it is our time to cross over. He is our loving guide to the other side at the time of death. Many people fear seeing him because of a belief in Hell. Azrael tells me (and so do other guides) that there is no Hell and I believe him because he should know! He has only ever escorted souls to the loving place we call Heaven; what occurs there is different for suicides and he has given me some information.

They are not punished but accepted with compassion and love and given the chance to heal. Suicide is a tragic thing for a family to deal with and many families are devastated by suicide and have difficulty recovering. They are torn between their grief for the one who died and their sense of anger at that person or guilt that they didn't or couldn’t prevent the suicide. Many times, religious views about suicide being the "unforgivable sin" increase the grief as they feel that their loved one is damned for all time; so not only did they suffer extreme pain in life but they will suffer an eternity of pain and torture, not ever being cared for or welcomed back into the arms of God.

I would like you to be comforted in the fact that there is no "unforgivable sin" in God's eyes. Sin is something that was made up by religious leaders in order to control the followers of a particular doctrine. Organized religion has made a God in the likeness of man-one who finds fault in everything and is ready to damn you to Hell if you don't behave. God is Love and only Love. And in Love there is only forgiveness. God is incapable of turning someone away from His presence, no matter what the circumstances are of their life or death or their religious beliefs (or even lack of them).


"Dear One I am here; this is Azrael. You have asked about the soul of one who has committed suicide and to that I would give the following response:

You already know what happens as God would never turn away any soul but suicides are handled a little differently on this side than other souls who have passed. Suicide is never part of a life script as it is written over here before you come back to human form. It is an abbreviated termination of your work on earth. Many times it is a younger soul who does not have the strength to remember at some level who they truly are. The despair and emotions of the physical body have worn them down to the point that they feel that they cannot continue. They just want to be released from the pain of living and they have lost their connection to God. Now this doe not apply to those who have lived a life and are in pain from a physical ailment such as cancer and consciously and with their whole spirit, choose to end their physical life. I am talking here about those who are in emotional pain or have mental illness and are disconnected from their spirit and choose to end their life. I believe that this is the type of suicide that your question was about.

The physical senses on your world are very strong and that is why many souls choose to travel to your world and experience incarnation as a human. It helps you to advance quite quickly when you are able to overcome the negative energy on your world and retain your connection to spirit. Suicides have lost that connection and are mired down in the negativity of earth. As I said before, younger souls sometimes do not have the capacity to withstand the torment that can be a human life. They try to be brave on this side and they want to advance and sometimes will choose a more difficult life than they can handle. Their guides will try to dissuade them from this life but ultimately, as there is below, there is free will above as well and it is up to the soul to make the
final choices about their upcoming life. Suicides are often those young souls who have chosen a more difficult life than they were ready for and did not listen to their guides. Being young, there is not as strong a connection to the other side as there is in older souls who have been human many times before. I am not saying this in judgment as there is not judgment; I am only stating the most prevalent cause of suicide. Very rarely will an older soul choose suicide as a way of helping those they love along their own paths. Suicide is not frowned upon as being wrong; it is merely looked upon as a sad loss in that the spirit was so disconnected that they could not see any help on the horizon for their problems and felt that there was nowhere to turn or no one who cared for them.

When a suicide comes over, and know that many times your "lost souls" are suicides who are afraid to cross over for the fear of hell, they are immediately met by loved ones and their guides. They are comforted and are allowed to look at their life right away so that it is still fresh. They are gently guided in seeing all of the times that someone was there to help or that they received guidance that they just could not see. They are guided in a lesson where they can see what would have happened had they chosen to see the help or had chosen to live. After the review they are taken to the place of soul healing, the "hospital" as you call it, for their soul to be repaired. The repair that is needed is something that is beyond their personal guide's ability to repair. (Note: our personal guides can help repair our souls if needed up to a certain point; anything beyond their ability goes to the healing place.) Fresh, new Source energy must be applied in order to restore the wholeness of the soul. This will ease the regret that the soul now fees for as soon as the suicide was successful and the body has died, the soul realizes what it has done and feels much regret and remorse. They can see how their death has affected their loved ones but it is too late to take it back. Suicides are not banished to hell or to separation from God. Indeed, they are loved and well taken care of on this side. They are infused with love and have lots of guidance about their past life and any future lives that they may have before them.
As I said before, many suicides become lost souls who are afraid to cross over due to the fact that your religions teach that suicide is the "unforgivable sin". There is no sin first of all and second, God would never turn away a part of Himself for indeed that is what all souls are. All souls are created from Source Energy which is God, first Cause, the Universe, Love; whatever you choose to call the great source of all there is. If God is Love and all things are made from God and in his image, how could she banish or destroy a part of herself? That would be an action that would not be of Love and that is impossible for God to do. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad; there is only learning and love. Your loved one who committed suicide is here with us and is restored to perfect wholeness. They can be communicated with just as any other soul although they may be out of reach for the first weeks or months after their passing as they heal. Know that they are free from whatever pain that caused them to take their own lives and that you are not held accountable for their actions and you should not hold yourself accountable or feel guilt of any sort. There is nothing that was done wrong on the part of the friends or family; it was the lack of connection to the Source that caused the suicide. Even the most horrendous of lives will still be lived by many souls to the fullness of time and an advancement of the soul obtained by overcoming those obstacles.

All souls have an amnesiac block when they incarnate into human form-for the older ones, it is not as profound and can be overcome. For the younger ones, it is a difficult but not impossible barrier. Very often suicides will want to incarnate again quickly so that they can "get it right" this time. This is greatly discouraged by their guides until they have had more time to understand their disconnection and the reasons for it. If they come back too soon, they may very well commit suicide again and indeed this sometimes is a pattern. But again, due to free will, your guides will never prevent you from coming back too soon, they will only guide you. The decision is up to you.

In the case of suicide when fully present with spirit, such as the decision to end an already terminal life, it is different. These suicides are usually done with full attention to Spirit and with the knowledge and sometimes the assistance of family and friends. This is a compassionate end mostly to help the family and keep them from having financial or emotional ruin due to the lengthy illness. Even though suicide is not written in prior to life, the life script can be altered in these cases to include this as part of the learning or the lesson for those left behind. This decision is not only a conscious decision with much thought but a super-conscious decision as well, meaning that they use their whole mind and spirit to make this decision. They know what awaits them on the other side and their families are often comforted in the fact that it was a conscious decision and that their loved ones are at peace and wanted them to go on. In regular suicides, the families are left in tatters with regrets and hurt and anger and not understanding why it happened. They feel responsible and guilty and families often break apart in the grief and guilt. The conscious suicide is not like this.

You might call any death a suicide if you really want to get technical as you all decide when you will die for the most part. There are several time during your life script when you have the option of "opting out" so to speak and you choose which one you will take so in that way of looking at things, all human death is suicide as you decide when you will go. For our purposes, we will not speak of regular death as suicide. I know of what you ask."


I hope that this has helped any of you who are dealing with a suicide of a loved one. Please know that they are in the loving embrace of God just as any other soul who has passed. The fact that they took their own life is of no consequence to God. They are given the chance, just as we all are, to review their life and see where they might have taken a turn from the path they chose to pursue and what they might have done differently. Again, just as with us all, there is no judgment in this, only an opportunity to learn. Our guides love us and give us gentle but firm guidance in how to live the life we have chosen. It is up to us to make the final choices.

Earth school is hard-there is no other world like this one. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to even the oldest of souls but for the young ones, it may be too much to take. Mourn your loved one and grieve naturally-do not spend time on what could have been done differently as it was not your action or inaction that caused your loved one to take their own life. Do not feel guilt or second guess yourself. Know that they are in a place of love and indeed they have been made whole again and now love themselves again. They can communicate with you just as any other soul that has crossed over. They do not want you to spend your life in recriminations and living in the past or in punishment of yourself. All is forgiven-there is only love. Speak to them; let them know that you love them and that you are ok and that you are happy that they are at peace again. You will see each other again and have a joyous reunion in the presence of Love. For now, know that they are free of pain and want you to be free of pain as well.

Listen for their contact; it will come. They will send a song or a whiff of fragrance; a bird or a penny from heaven; turn off the light or ring the phone. Be open to their love and love them in return. Your life will be better for having had them in it for even a short while.

Our loved ones send signs to us all the time so that we can know that they are okay and that we are loved. If you are grieving, I invite you to learn more about The Other Side and how our loved ones communicate with us by reading my book:  Signs From Heaven:  How to Read the Messages From Your Loved Ones in the Spirit World

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