Spiritualism and
Our Relationship to God

Spiritualism is a religion of relationship and purpose. It helps us to discover who we are, why we are here and what our relationship is to God. Spiritualism teaches that our relationship to God can be found and defined in our relationship to ourselves and to our fellow man because God or Infinite Intelligence is expressed and manifested in all of nature. We are all connected by the Divine Mind that created this world and every living thing thereon.

Who are we? What makes up an individual?

Spiritualism believes that we are a trinity. Not like the trinity of Christianity which is a three-fold God made up of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; but a triune being made up of body, soul and spirit. Our physical body is made up of matter, is controlled by the mind and brain and houses the soul and spirit while we live on Earth. When the physical body ceases to exist, the spirit (and the mind which is part of spirit) and the soul body housing it leave the physical body and continue to exist in the Spirit World.

Many people confuse the mind, brain and even the spirit and soul. Thoughts are our motivating power and emanate from the mind; but the mind needs the action of the physical brain in order to manifest those thoughts. The mind is divided into three parts: the conscious mind-which is the thinking, rational mind, the subconscious mind-which is the feeling, emotional mind and also controls the mechanical workings of the physical body and the superconscious mind-which is part of Divine Mind.

Our subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination-it acts on what it is fed-so it is important to always think positive thoughts so that the actions of the subconscious mind will bring positive things into our lives.

Because our minds are part of the mind of Infinite Intelligence we are always seeking to be closer to that great love and power. There is a calling that comes forth from higher mind that drives us to seek higher knowledge and ways of knowing and expressing the God within. This is our duty to ourselves as spiritual beings; to always strive for the highest spiritual development that we can. Our purpose becomes knowing ourselves and our fellow man and doing what we can to make a better world for all.

The easiest and best way to make a better world is to understand the Law of Life which shows us that for every action there is an equal reaction; in other words, everything that we do comes back to us in a like manner. It teaches us that our happiness depends on how well we follow natural law and how well we treat our fellow man.

The highest ethical teaching of the Golden Rule-treating others as we desire to be treated ourselves-has been in every culture and religion since the beginning of time. It seeks to teach us how to follow the Law of Life; if we follow this simple teaching we will live happy and fulfilling lives because what we send out will be love and good will. Not only will we advance ourselves spiritually but we will make a better life for all we come in contact with. In this way, we live our purpose.

We are spiritual beings simply having an experience for a time in the physical world. As we develop our spirit, we not only create a better physical world but we create a better spiritual world for ourselves as well.

Advancing our spiritual selves means constantly searching, learning and obtaining knowledge and then using that knowledge to bring about positive changes in our own lives and the lives of others. Studying the Law of Life is knowing that we are all spiritual beings; children of the divine Infinite Intelligence that is found in all of nature.

As Spiritualists we express our purpose and the Divine Spirit within by living the Law of Life. We help to raise the consciousness of our world by spreading love. Love is our purpose and defines our relationship to God and others. Love is what lifts us into the Realm of Spirit.

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