Spiritualism as Philosophy-
Relating to Natural Law

Spiritualism is a Philosophy because it attempts to explain the world we live in and our place in that world. Philosophy is the bridge between the knowledge of how the world works and the understanding of the reasons behind those workings.

From the time that man was able to think he began to wonder about the world around him. He began to obtain knowledge about things in the world but this was not enough; he wished to understand what these things meant and how he fit into this world of marvel. As man’s knowledge grew, many great thinkers wrote down their philosophic theories about the workings of the world.

Although Spiritualism is unique, it shares many basic beliefs with other philosophic thought about life, death, the nature of the soul and natural law. Natural Laws are simple statements about the orderly workings of the universe divided into laws governing the physical world and laws governing the spiritual world.

But the Law of Continuity states that there is no division between the two worlds. The term used in many old traditions, “As Above; So Below,” aptly describes this fact. Whatever Natural Laws apply in one world will apply equally to the other.

As man’s knowledge about the world grew so did his curiosity about his place in it. As man beheld the cycle of life and death, he began to wonder what, if anything, happened after death. This started the search for a higher meaning of life and something greater than man. Thus began the concept of God and theories about how the world was created.

Early in man’s search came superstition in which man explained what was going on around him by creating many gods that ruled over the natural occurrences of the world. There was a god that ruled over the Sun, the Moon, death and more.

As man’s intellectual capacity grew, he entered into an age where he attempted to explain natural phenomena by scientific exploration and then moved into the age of materialism where he began seeing the world in terms of natural laws. Mankind’s belief in many gods began to be put aside in favor of one God.

The most popular concept of God is one of a being similar to man in appearance and having human attributes. This God has handed down laws to be obeyed by man and sits in judgment of man’s disobedience to these laws. This concept of God also believes that man must be “saved” from eternal damnation because he is too imperfect to enter into God’s presence without some type of sacrifice or salvation process and without a strict dogma that must be obeyed.

Spiritualism does not believe in this type of dogmatic being. The God of Spiritualism is an intelligent power that manifests in all of creation. It is a supreme force that is infinite in nature and thus cannot be explained by our finite minds.

This Infinite Intelligence manifests in each one of us as part of nature and through Spirit which is what connects us to that Intelligence. This Spirit is the Universal Creative Power and is present in everything in the Universe-it is the essence of being.

The concept of God is also related to the theory of how the Universe was created. There have been three possibilities put forth: 1) that the Universe is self-existent, in other words, that it has always existed; 2) that it is self-created as explained by the most commonly accepted scientific theory-the Big Bang theory; or 3) that it was created by some external agency.

Spiritualists do not seek to repudiate science but assert that Infinite Intelligence or Spirit, is the driving force behind the scientific theory. The energy that was formed into our Universe was shaped by thoughtful process and intelligent design. All of nature was designed by this great Presence-nothing was left to chance.

Spirit is what exists within all creation and has caused man to evolve from the lower forms of life to the thinking, self-conscious being that he is now; ever evolving, ever reaching for the Light of Truth which is encouraged and fostered by the Philosophy of Spiritualism.

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