Spirit and Soul

Spirit is who we really are; it inhabits our soul body and is the essence of who we really are. We were made from Source Energy which is the same energy as God or the Source of All That Is. It is energy that cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.

We were Spirit before we were born on this planet and we will return to Spirit when we die. Our spirits long to return to that which is eternal. This is the time of the Awakening when we will remember who we are and where we come from. Our whole purpose in life is to learn the lessons that will raise the vibration of our Spirit to align with Source once again.

What were you meant to do this time around? What did you choose to learn in this life that would move you upwards toward the Light? What is it that will bring you joy? How can you get there from here?

These are questions that are answered by our higher self in cooperation with our guides and angels. When we raise our vibration we raise our consciousness.

When we raise our consciousness we are in communion with a higher dimension and with Source itself. Learning to channel or develop your psychic abilities will help raise your consciousness and connect to Source.

We all are born with the connection to that which we call Source or Love or God or whatever you choose to call that higher power that exists in all things. As we grow older, the connection begins to fray until it is severed. But it doesn't have to be.

The severing of the connection comes about for many reasons. The lower and denser vibration of physical matter helps to bring down the vibration of Spirit. Children are allowed to have "imagination" but as we grow older we are told to "get our heads out of the clouds" and come back to reality. The other world or other dimensions are not allowed to exist in our world; we believe only in what we can see and touch.

Religion teaches us that God used to talk to people but they were very special and everything that God had to say, He has already said. How sad that is. How sad to believe that all Love, all Guidance was already given and that we aren't special enough for God to talk to nowadays.

The connection is not permanently lost; it can be re-wired. Just like a lamp that needs a new cord and after being fixed works as good as new, so our connection to higher realms can be re-wired so that our light can shine as brightly as it did in childhood. We can learn to connect and communicate to those higher realms and higher beings who are here to help us. Those "imaginary friends" from childhood who brought us so much joy can come back and be our friends again. As we learn to live in the world of Spirit we will remember that we came from Source; indeed, we will remember that we are Source itself.

It is our spirit energy that created this world and the lives we live. When we connect with Spirit, we can explore our past lives, the life between lives and our very purpose here on Earth. We can find out what we were meant to do and receive guidance on how best to get there from here. We can also connect with our loved ones who have crossed over to the other side before us. We can learn from them and they can help us to see the Divine in our own lives.

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