Self-Realization and Meditation

For most of us, the beliefs that we hold about who we are and why we are here controls the direction of our life; the problem is that we don’t really know who we are.  We believe that we know who we are based on what other people have told us about ourselves.  Many of us also believe that there really is no purpose to being here; we just need to make the best of what life has thrown at us until we die.  The fact that most of humanity is stumbling around blindly-not knowing who they really are or their true purpose in being here-is the cause of most of the misery in this world.  But that misery can be turned into peace and joy by looking within and discovering our true nature and the real reason that we are here.           

There is a Divine spark that runs through each and every one of us.  We are all part of Infinite Intelligence and as such, we each have a specific function to perform during our time here in this world.  But most of us have forgotten that we possess that Divine spark and have spent time existing in an empty shell.  So how do we get to know ourselves and our purpose in life? 

The process of self-discovery begins with using meditation to turn inward.  Roy Eugene Davis defines meditation as the “intentional direction of attention to the clear aspect of one’s inner nature.”  But how do we begin and what can we expect from the practice of meditation?

Meditation has been a part of religious and cultural practices since the earliest times and there are basic types of meditation and many variations on these types that have been taught over the years.            

Intellectual meditation uses directed thought to help transcend thought itself until one becomes clear.  Emotional meditation encourages the positive emotions of love, compassion, etc. to find expression in order to make both the meditator and the world around him better.  Physical meditation, like Yoga, which focuses on the body/mind connection, has become very popular recently.  In action and meditation, a very specific skill, such as Qi Gong, is practiced until one becomes an expert at it-growing physically, spiritually and mentally. 

Mental meditation is broken down into structured, which encourages one to focus on a specific technique like breathing to enhance the meditative state; and unstructured in which the meditator allows thoughts to come randomly but brings focus back to the basic choice of subject.  Although learning one of these methods is a good starting point, there is no one “right” way of meditating; it is a deeply personal experience.

Regardless of the method used, all meditation has two basic principles; centering and concentration.   When you center yourself, you turn inward and become aware of only your Self.  You become relaxed and are able to allow the meditation to take its natural course.  Concentration means staying focused on whatever skill, task or thought you have chosen for your meditation to the exclusion of all else.  When your mind drifts, as it will naturally do, you bring yourself back to the area of concentration.  Sometimes a mantra-a specific sound used for its effect on the mind and body-is used to help focus meditation and shut out distractions.

Meditation helps us know ourselves and our purpose but studies have shown that it also helps us live more complete lives by lowering stress levels and helping us solve our problems by facilitating clearer thinking.  We already have answers; we just need to uncover them. 

Another wonderful side effect of meditation for many people is increased spiritual connection to Divine gifts including psychic ability and mediumship.

Even if we are not always consciously aware of it, most of us realize deep down that something is missing in our lives and spend time searching for it.  The problem is that we usually fill that empty place with things outside of ourselves; meditation helps us fill that place with inner knowing and inner peace.  Meditation allows us to connect with the Divine core that runs within us all and helps us to live a life filled with spiritual knowledge and purpose.

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