Searching for Meaning

Greetings to you beloved children!

There are many people searching right now. They are wanting to know what is going to happen next year and in the future. They know that something is going on because they feel it within themselves but they do not understand. They are searching for a re-connection to the Divine and to each other.

This is a time when those who are searching will start finding those who have information for them. This is a time for re-membering your Divine selves. To flip that switch that turns on the Light of God within you.

For so long you have been searching for something to bring meaning to your lives. This is the time that the meaning will be found. And you will find that all along it was within you. What did Glinda say to Dorothy? “You had the power to go home all along.” That is what will be uncovered in the days to come-that you all had the power all along.

The power to find the Divine within yourselves. The power to find your purpose in life. The power to find your calling and to step up and answer the call. This is the time when the world will ascend.

You are all connected whether you feel that you are or not. What you do individually affects the whole. Individual karma becomes group karma. When you stay in the negative individually, it causes the group to stay in the negative. When you begin to raise your frequency as an individual, it begins to raise the frequency of the group. Indeed, there is no other way to do that. To raise the frequency of a nation you must first raise the frequency of the individual citizens. If the world is to ascend, you must ascend in your own life first.

We know that you all are feeling the pull of ascension. That small spark of God that still resides within is longing to grow bigger and brighter. That still small voice is speaking inside of your head to come back. Come back into the embrace of the Father; come back into the arms of the Mother. You are all children of the Living God and you are being called home.

This does not mean that you will have to die; it means that you are being called back to celebrate your birthright and your heritage. You are longing to be spoken to sweetly of the Father’s love for you and held in the arms of your Mother. You have been beaten up by the world that you live in and are longing for the comfort of home.

Your children are crying out for that comfort as well. You wonder why bullying is so prevalent in your society. Look at what you call “entertainment” and you will have your answer. In your movies or your TV shows (and even in your government), violence is always shown as the first and best answer to a “wrong”.

You watch TV shows where you rejoice in another person being taunted for the way they look or the clothes that they wear. You love to see a good “catfight” over a man or a pair of shoes. You love watching “Mean Girls” and someone from a "reality" show gets paid thousands of dollars for appearing at a college to talk about drinking, sex and big hair.

You watch reality shows where the sole aim is to win by any means including lying, cheating and stealing; you have a new TV show called “Revenge” and you LOVE it all!!! And then you wonder why your children are bullying and being bullied. Look in the mirror and you will see the reason.

You have become so disconnected from each other that you glorify people being hurt-you may not be watching Christians being eaten by lions but it is just as bad. This is because you are hurting within. You are looking for something to ease the pain and to fill that empty spot where the Creator used to be.

This is the darkness before the dawn. As more and more of you search; more and more of you will find. You loving Father/Mother God has not gone anywhere; it is you who have moved and left no forwarding address. It is time to stop hurting each other and to come home. It is time to turn the swords into ploughshares. It is time for the Awakening to the divinity that resides in each and every one of you.

This is what is calling to you. This is the tug at your heartstrings. It is time for you to answer and be at peace. We are here to help you. It is our calling at this time to assist your world in the Awakening. But know that you do not necessarily need our help-you have had the power all along. Just stop long enough to ask for help and it will be yours.

Decide that you have had enough of the hurting and surrender to the loving purpose for your life. A world without war or anger or pain is possible if you will just allow it.

Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give to yourselves. Your great teacher Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” This is a great truth. This is the time for you to decide that peace begins with you. To save another you only need to save yourself. Peace be with you now.

-Malachi, 9/23/2011

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