My Spirit Guide, Charley

by Diane Miller
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)

I feel that I've always been "clairaudient", but I turned it off when I was in my 20's or as a teenager. I remember in high school hearing my name called from somewhere up in the sky; one time it was very loud and took me out of the classroom where I was taking a test to see if I could get out of high school. I didn't pass the test. Another time also in high school, I was standing next to a friend of mine, and he said my name, Diane, in his mind, and I heard it. Before moving to Albuquerque in 2004, I used to hear my Mom's voice in my head when I was at the mall and she was at work. I feel that it was one of my angels sounding like her.

Back in 2003, I was at a vocational school in Baltimore in preparation to re-enter the workforce. It was a very tough 8 months. I'm living with HIV and Type II Diabetes, and living at the school stressed me out, and my health suffered. One of my earliest days there, I was talking to a guy dressed in a red/white striped shirt, white pants with white tennis shoes. He was sleeping in a chair, and I just assumed he was another client. He told me his name was James, and that there were no jobs there, and I believe he also told me to go home. I got a funny feeling that he knew who I was, but I didn't know who he was! Later that year, I had an Internship in downtown Baltimore. One day I saw the same guy in red/white. He stopped to talk to me in the street, but I could barely hear him, as he was talking "telepathically"! He asked me if I was ok (I remember that now). I was scared - here's a strange guy talking to me on a busy street, so I think I replied I was. I remember thinking that he seemed concerned about me, but I didn't know who he was. I saw him the next day in the same clothes, and I thought that was strange - why would he be wearing the same clothes? Then he walked away from me, and he just disappeared into thin air. I figured I was seeing things, and that I must be pretty tired, which I was.

Christmas 2007, I received the book, How To Hear Your Angels, by Doreen Virtue. In the book, she talks about having a "Spiritual Mentor". Charles Dickens immediately came to mind.

A few months after that, I was mediating and talked to Charley asking him to come through. Later that day, I had a reading, and Charley came through right away. She asked me if I knew a Charley, and I said No, I had no relatives by that name. It took a second, then I got it. There was only about 1/2 hour time lag between my asking for Charley, and him appearing through the reading. I was so happy and excited to hear from him, and that I actually reached the spirit world.

A few months later, my Mom and I were meeting with my Case Manager over at New Mexico AIDS Services. I had just been talking about having Charley as my Spirit Guide, and I had this compulsion to look in the hallway behind the cubicle. I saw the same guy in red/white literally drop from the ceiling! It was surreal. He seemed off balanced coming in. When he "landed", he raced around to where my Case Mgr.'s old cubicle was, then he realized we weren't there. He stood in the middle of the hallway with his head bowed listening. Then he walked past the opening, or rather almost ran. It was really hard to keep the conversation going and not exclaim. When he fell in, I had this urge to say "James", knowing I've talked to him before, and what was he doing here at NMAS? Was he a client? I remember all this running through my head, while I was talking and/or listening. It took me a while to realize that was Charley. I was a little hesitant to tell my Mom. She shares my belief, and she relies on her higher self. Well, Mom was excited too. She didn't see him, but she didn't doubt me.

So now whenever I'm at NMAS, I look for him. One time I was over there, but couldn't see my Case Mgr. before seeing my Dr. Later as I was walking on the sidewalk toward NMAS, I saw Charley come out of the building, look at me, and then racewalk up the sidewalk in the opposite direction, and then disappear into thin air again. Another time I was meeting with my Case Mgr. in his cubicle, and I was looking around for Charley. My Case Mgr. wanted to know if I was ok. Then I got a sense of someone fast walking by, and I heard the words, "Full moon". I took it to mean that because it was the full moon, Charley had a lot of work to do. Then as I was leaving, I kept hoping to actually see him, so I heard Charley say, "Are you ok?" He also told me, "Don't go back to work".

Lately, I've gotten glimpses of him materializing here at home. It's all white, so I'm assuming it's him. I don't hear him as much as I used to, which makes me sad. However, I have more Spirit Guides who were real people just like Charley, so maybe he's the leader of the pack (that just came to me!). Now, I have Eric Lund, whose Mom, Doris Lund, wrote a book, "Eric" about Eric battling Leukemia back in the 1970's. He passed away in 1972. He was a soccer player and a surfer. I never met him, but when I got diagnosed with AIDS in 1995, I used to read Eric (the book) over and over, and I admired his courage.

That's it for now. More later.

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