Life in the Spirit World

What happens after we die? Is there life after death and if so, what is life like in the Spirit World?

These questions have been asked by mankind since the beginning of time. Death has always been the great mystery and humans want to believe that death is not the end of consciousness for that would seem to point to that consciousness as being meaningless.

There are theoretical beliefs and descriptions of life after death from every religion or society that has ever existed; even science has weighed in with some theories. The philosophy of Spiritualism offers us more than theory about the afterlife.

Spiritualism accepts communication between the living and those in the higher realms as the best source of information about life after death. Spiritualism has studied (and continues to do so) accounts from different mediums and is able to put forth a description of the afterlife that is meaningful and valid based on the similarity of these accounts.

Spiritualism asserts that the Spirit World is a real world occupied by spirits who are real human beings that have shed the physical body and now function in that world in a real, substantial body.

Science has proven that everything vibrates at different levels. At the time of death our consciousness leaves the world of the physical, which vibrates at a lower rate, and enters a world that vibrates at a higher rate. This world is not so much a “location” as a state of being at a higher vibrational frequency and appears much the same as the physical one here on Earth, with landscapes, flowers and more like those found here but much more beautiful in nature.

We are clothed in a spiritual or “etheric” body which functions in a similar way to our physical one; it is just a whole, more perfect organism with a brain similar to the physical brain. We absorb a kind of energy that sustains us and we have periods of withdrawal from conscious awareness that rejuvenates us like sleep. We communicate with each other by using our voice or by our minds, similar to telepathy.

We are occupied in that world primarily by acquiring further knowledge and ridding ourselves of any false knowledge acquired in life and teaching what we have learned to less-developed entities and to those still living. The thing that is most important for us to remember is that our world in spirit depends upon the state of mind that we have in life. We retain our consciousness and individuality in the afterlife. If we have a higher state of mind in life and make our living world a pleasant one; we will have a pleasant afterlife as well.

Andrew Jackson Davis, considered by many to be the Father of Spiritualism, has given us some glimpses of the afterlife, or the Summerland as he calls it, through his many clairvoyant visions. He says that spirits range from the young and un-matured through adulthood and on to a very highly developed, perfect form.

He also says that there are three planes of existence where these spirits dwell. The first plane is that of natural thought and the spirits there are just coming over from earth and beginning to receive higher wisdom.

The next plane, the plane of causes, is a more advanced realm where spirits have knowledge of interior causes and effects and their external manifestation but do not yet understand how to use them.

The third plane, the plane of effects, is the highest plane and contains the most luminous of spirits with knowledge and wisdom of all things that surpasses description. In the afterlife, we will associate with each other by the qualities we have and the affinity that we possess for each other.

The various accounts and communications between mediums and the Spirit World prove to us that we are immortal; that the very essence that makes us who we are does not die.

Spiritualism’s view of life after death encourages us to live a life filled with meaning and purpose for it teaches us that we make our world by the state of our consciousness and that by living in the higher light of Divine Love and Wisdom, we will experience a radiant life in the Spirit World.

For more information about life in the spirit world you can check out the website of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

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