Levitation, Out-of-Body Experience and Direct Voice Phenomena

Mediumship has been the starting point of much of the research into what has become known as psychic phenomena.   Although science may not affirm the phenomena as proof of the continuity of life after death, it continues to study the phenomena in an attempt to scientifically prove its cause.

One phenomenon that has been studied extensively is levitation, which, according to Fodor, is the “rising of physical objects…or of human beings into the air, contrary to the laws of gravitation and without visible agency.” Many cultures have historical accounts of levitation, especially among their religious figures.  One of the most famous mediums of all time, Daniel Dunglas Home, was renowned for his ability to levitate.  

Science has called levitation a form of psychokinesis (PK) and insists that the mind has an effect on matter (mind over matter) but Spiritualists believe that levitation is a process accomplished with the assistance of spirit entities; some suggesting that spirits extrude ectoplasm from the body of the medium and use it as a kind of cantilever to lift objects into the air.

Another phenomenon that has been researched, although not as much, is direct voice which is when an audible voice is produced by spirit entities without using any visible agency or source. 

Unlike clairaudience, direct voice is heard by many people at the same time; often being heard by means of the “spirit trumpet” which was a metal trumpet not attached to the medium.  The trumpet amplified the voice and sometimes was directed at someone in particular.

One explanation for direct voice was given by the spirits themselves in Findlay’s book On the Edge of the Etheric.  They said that a spirit chemist takes some ectoplasm from the medium and, by adding some ingredients, is able to form a type of mask resembling a mouth and tongue which a spirit then puts over its face.  The mask forms a kind of matter that enables the spirit to speak in a manner similar to when they were cloaked in physical matter.

Although direct voice is easy to fake; a true message of love and comfort given to a sitter is not.  The beauty of direct voice is the ability of a loved one to come through and give a personal message that only they could have known.

One of the most researched aspects of psychic phenomena is the out-of-body experience or OOBE.  An OOBE is when one exists, both consciously and independently, outside of one’s physical body.  The OOBE has been written about in much of history and has been more commonly called “astral projection”; happening either spontaneously or purposely.  In an OOBE, the astral body travels outside of the physical body attached by a “silver cord” which provides connection between the two.  It it believed that if the silver cord were severed the body would die.

 The most studied part of this experience and the part that I believe has provided ample proof of the continuity of life is the Near-Death Experience or NDE.  This is the experience that one has when they have been “clinically” dead and have experienced the continuation of their soul or spirit. 

Many people have had NDE’s and have reported very similar accounts of what happens while they are out of their body.  First they see themselves floating above their body and sometimes see medical personnel working on their physical body or loved ones gathered around.  They then usually travel to a place of light where they are met by loved ones who have crossed over before them.  They feel an extreme sense of peace and many times do not want to return to the physical body when told that they need to do so. 

The thing that most everyone that has a NDE or OOBE comes back with is the certainty of the continuity of life.  They no longer hope that they will continue to live after death; they know it because they have experienced it for themselves.  Many of these people have gone on to help provide comfort to those who are grieving by telling their story and letting people know the beautiful fact that we never die; we simply cross over to another life.                   


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