Intuitive Readings by Donna

My intuitive readings are a way to help you with decisions that you have to make, questions about your Life Purpose, relationships, career and more.  I use Tarot, Oracle Cards and intuitive direction from both my guides and yours.

And for a limited time, I am having a sale on my full E-mail Readings!  They are normally $80 but for now they are $50; that's almost 1/2 off!

I believe that each reading is a gift that uplifts and enlightens. I encourage all of my clients to look deep within for the truth that lies there.  We all have answers to our questions within ourselves but sometimes the loud chatter from the world around us drowns out our own voice.   My readings are a kind of conversation with a good friend that helps you to uncover your own intuition and bring to your consciousness that which you already know to be true.  I end each reading with a card pulled from my favorite Angel oracle deck.  I am always amazed at how that card ties in perfectly with the information I have already received. 

(I offer both phone and e-mail readings but, unfortunately at this time, I am unable to do phone readings outside of the US.)

From A Client-

I myself am a gifted healer and use my intuitive gifts to help others aspire to a higher self...both children and adults. Yet, when it comes to finding my own place and a higher vibration, I can sometimes feel at a loss. Finding that higher place is crucial is for me if I am to support others during this ascension process. When I needed support, the angels guided me to Donna Watkins.

I found Donna in New Mexico in 2011, when I was in the midst of a major life transition. Donna's intuitive guidance and the messages she channeled from her guides helped confirm many things that I already knew and at the same time gently nudged me in challenging and painful directions that I did not really want to go, but knew would bring me peace in the long run.

Donna is true, authentic, gifted and honest. She does what she represents she can do and takes breaks to center herself. She only reads when she knows she is clear and present for those who come to her.

And first and foremost, she is love.

Sändra Alexander

Strength of Spirit Consulting
17970 NE 31st Court  Apt. 4309
Aventura, Florida 33160

Mobile 970-799-4286

Phone Readings:

Phone readings help to provide a give-and-take that e-mail readings don't provide. We will connect over the phone and I will call on both my guides and yours for assistance. At this time, I am unable to provide phone readings outside of the US.  I apologize for any inconvenience. 

PAYMENT:  You will be taken to PayPal to make your payment.  You do not need to have a PayPal account.  You can pay by credit or bank debit card or by Pay Pal if you do have an account. Please make sure that you have provided all of your contact information when you make your payment. 

30 Minute Reading 

This reading allows you to ask 2-3 questions and get a good overview of each.


60 Minute Reading

This is a more comprehensive reading and is generally used if you have more than 3 questions or you really want to explore a topic in depth.


E-Mail Readings:

These readings are very insightful and are directly channeled for the most part although I do use the Tarot to help "open the door" for my Divine Helpers. 

PAYMENT:  You will be taken to PayPal to make your payment.  You do not need to have a PayPal account.  You can pay by credit or bank debit card or by Pay Pal if you do have an account. Please make sure that you have provided all of your contact information when you make your payment. 

1 Question E-mail Reading

This allows for you to ask 1 question on one topic.  It is still quite insightful.


Full E-mail Reading

Just like with my full phone reading, this reading allows you to ask several different question or have a more in-depth reading on a particular topic.  However, because you have a written record of the reading, it is great for referring back to and reading over and over again to gain clarity and insight.

(Regular price $80)

But for a limited time only-my Full E-mail Reading is on sale for $50!!!!

You must submit payment before I complete your reading.

I get an e-mail from Pay Pal when payment is received.  My e-mail readings are usually done within 48 hours of payment being received. For a phone reading I will contact you by phone within 24 to 48 hours to set up the reading appointment.  I will then call you at the appointed time for the reading.  If there will be a delay for some reason, I will send you an e-mail informing you of the delay and will do the reading as soon as possible after that.

Thank you and I look forward to your reading.

Blessings, Donna

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Donna Watkins-

Tarot/Channeled/Intuitive Readings.

Donna is a gifted channel and medium who has studied metaphysics for most of her life. She is a Hypnotherapist and has studied Tarot privately with Darlene Costello and channeling with Betsy Morgan Coffman. Donna is co-owner of Awakenings with her husband Rudy. She also teaches Tarot, Channeling, Reading the Signs from Heaven and more.  She is also the author of numerous articles and the book Signs From Heaven:  How to Read the Messages From Your Loved Ones in the Spirit World.

If you have any questions for us please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Please make sure to add a comment to the form as to how we can help you or what request you are making-otherwise it doesn't tell us anything about you.  Thanks, and Many Blessings!

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