Hypnosis:  A Tool for Awakening Your Spiritual and Psychic Self

Hypnosis is almost as old as mankind itself and has been used throughout the years as a tool for personal development and achievement. 

But what is hypnosis exactly and how does it work?

And how is it used to help awaken the Spiritual Self?


Named after the Greek God of sleep, Hypnos, hypnosis is often mistaken for being asleep and therefore being "out of control". Nothing could be further from the truth. When "in" hypnosis (not "under") you are totally aware of your surroundings but you are in such a state of relaxation and comfort, you are usually not disturbed by them. Trance, or being in a state of Hypnosis, is a compeletly natural state of mind in which the conscious control of the mind is pushed aside and the sub-conscious mind is allowed to come forward.

If you have ever had something on your mind when you left work and arrived safely at home with no memory of the trip, you have been in a state of trance or hypnosis. Your conscious mind was occupied in thinking about the problem from work and your sub-conscious mind took over control of driving home along your regular route. Because the sub-conscious mind is like a computer with a camera, your route home was recorded long ago and your sub-conscious mind just drove along the path already well known to it. Even though you did not remember the trip, if at any time the situation was dangerous or something occurred that was out of the norm, you would have immediately been aware consciously of the danger and been able to take corrective action.

In this state the mind is also very susceptible to suggestion. This does not mean again that you are "out of control" when in the trance state. The suggestions you receive in trance will only take root if they are in alignment with your own personal moral or ethical code. For example, if robbing a bank is not something you would ever think to do consciously, no amount of suggestion while in trance could make you rob a bank. If someone suggested that you rob a bank while in hypnosis, you would immediately "break state" which means you would come out of trance and be fully awake and aware.

The fact that the mind is so susceptible to suggestion is one of the reasons that hypnosis is so useful for many problems. You can literally, "suggest" the problems away. Of course, there is a little more to it than that but it is a highly efficient tool for problem-solving.

In hypnosis, you can also contact the super-conscious mind which is where many believe the "soul" is located and where we are a part of that which is "God", "Source" or "Universal Mind". It is a highly useful tool for contacting your higher self or your guides and angels. In fact, it was during a hypnotic meditation where I went to my "Spirit Temple" that I was first contacted by Malachi, my dear guide and friend.


There are three parts to the mind: the conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind and the super-conscious mind.

Within the conscious mind there is something called "the critical factor" which is basically a filter that analyzes the information that we receive on a continuous basis and provides what it feels are the appropriate responses. It helps us discern what is valuable for us to keep or what we can discard as unusable and will not allow anything in to the mind that it feels is not appropriate to our situation. In order to learn something new, we must be able to bypass this critical factor as it has no reference for the new information to allow it in.

There are several ways to bypass the critical factor in order to learn including repetition and emotional trauma. But we also can learn by using hypnosis. In the trance state the critical factor is automatically bypassed and we are able to retrieve information from the sub-conscicous and we are able to impart new information quickly and easily. This is how suggestion or hypnotic therapy is used to help with a problem or situation.

Because, as I said before, the mind captures everything it has ever experienced, I can use hypnosis to go directly to a memory that has caused a problem. Once there, we can deal with it and the emotions associated with it and can change the way the mind perceives it. We can alter what was a traumatic event and make it life-changing in a positive way. You can literally "learn" a new way of dealing with that event.


Hypnosis is used for many things including smoking cessation, weight loss and enhancing performance such as athletic or academic performance. There are many good hypnotists out there doing that work.

My work however, is very different. My passion is helping people awaken their spiritual and psychic self and find their own spiritual path and purpose in this life. I use hypnosis and trance to help you contact your own guides and angels and also to contact your higher self. I also use hypnosis to help you develop your own psychic abilities. We are all born with the "sixth sense" but most of us lose the connection to it as we grow older. It is very strong in us as children but society or religion tells us that it is bad or our imagination and we begin to push it away. That, I believe, is part of the "fall of man". We have forgotten that part of us which is divine and is connected to all things and thus have fallen away from our true selves and our true purpose in coming to this plane.

I also use hypnosis or trance work to help you discover your past-lives or to visit the "inter-life" or time between your lives. I hold workshops on past-life regression but I also do private sessions that are more therapeutic. Many times we experience problems or emotions that seem to come out of nowhere and have no basis in what we are living at the moment. Have you ever wondered where your fear of heights or water or fire comes from when your family has told you that nothing happened to you to cause it? It may be a carry-over from a past life.

Dr. Brian L. Weiss is a highly trained Yale graduate who had a traditional practice in psychiatry. Dr. Weiss did not usually use hypnosis in his practice, nor did he believe in past lives. He was working on an especially difficult case in which his patient had had no improvement whatsoever and decided to use hypnotic regression to determine the origin of the problem. Even though there was no suggestion of it, the patient spontaneously went to a past-life in which her problem originated. Dr. Weiss went with it, even though he did not believe, and noticed marked improvement in her condition. He continued using hypnosis with her and she continued to spontaneously regress to her past-lives and even to the time between lives. Her condition was cured and she was discharged. After some more patients did the same and after some serious research, Dr. Weiss changed the focus of his practice to only use past-life regression and is now a world renowned expert and teacher of past-life regression and author of numerous books about it.

The time between lives is also very fascinating and I do private sessions on that as well. Many of us are interested in the "other side" and what happens to us when we die. As a medium, I have spoken to those who have crossed over but I have also used hypnosis to experience what goes on after we die. There is much that we do over there to review our most recent life and to prepare for the next one and it is very helpful to us to be able to retrieve that information. Sometimes it is more useful to us than to review the life that came before it.

I also use trance to help facilitate classes and workshops on channeling. We channel in the trance state. That is where we are most open to our guides and angels but with practice we can learn to live in the "channeled state" much of the time. I also consider my mediumship work to be a form of channeling. To learn more about how hypnosis is used in channeling or mediumship, please go to my channeling page. 

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