Guides, Spirits and Angels


Guides, spirits and angels can be contacted through channeling to give us information about our lives but they are always with us, giving us help and guidance, and with some practice you will be able to be in touch with them at any time.

There are many types of beings who will come to guide you.

Guides-Our guides are spiritual teachers. They are here to help us with our spirit journey. Dr. Michael Newton says, “Through our guides, we become more acutely aware of the continuity of life and our identity as a soul. Guides are figures of grace in our existence because they are part of the fulfillment of our destiny.” The Zuni call the guides, "the makers and holders of life paths.”

1. Spirit guides-spirit guides are usually those who have lived at least one human life before. They may be someone that we have known in this life or a past life but they know what it is like to be human and have chosen to help you through what has become known as “Earth School.” They may be general in nature or they may be specialists in something. For example, if you are an artist, you will most probably have an artist guide. A writer will have a writing guide; musician will have a music guide and so on. Many creative people call these guides, “muses.” You will generally have several of these guides who help you with different aspects of your life and be there for day to day guidance.

2. Higher Level guides-These are generally light-beings or entities from other worlds or dimensions. They may or may not have had a human incarnation but generally they have not. They are advanced souls who have chosen to help us on Earth. They are teacher guides who most often are of benefit not only to you but to others as well. They very often have information to impart of a spiritual path or karmic nature or of interest to humanity as a species. They generally have very high vibrations and it may take a while to acclimate to their contact.

3. Ascended Masters-these are guides who were human and were very advanced when they were here. After their last human incarnation, they ascended due their advanced nature and the nature of the work they did here. They helped raise the vibration when they were here, speaking and teaching truth, and continue to do this from the other side. Some examples of these would be: Jesus, St.Germaine, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Kuthumi, Djwal Kuhl, Isis, Mary, etc.

4. Animal spirits-these can either be our own animals or a specific animal spirit or totem that we can get in touch with. Animal spirits are very common in shamanistic practice. Anyone who has ever had a pet knows the depth of the animal soul and their ability to connect both to us and to the other side. The witch’s familiar is an example of an animal spirit that helps with connection to the other side.

5. Nature spirits-these are devas, fairies, gnomes, sprites or brownies. These spirits can come to you and be channeled through you or speak to you and be some of your most loving guides. Many people believe that fairies are just little angels but others believe that fairies are something else entirely. Whatever they are, the nature spirits are very powerful and to be treated with respect. If you have an affinity for nature, you may very well have a nature spirit as a guide.

6. Your Soul guide-This is the guide who is with you all of the time just as your guardian angel is. They have also been with you from the beginning and this usually is the first guide to meet you when you cross over after death. They are with you at all times during your stay on the other side-during the life review, learning, working, playing and discussing the next life. They are always with you here as well although for various reasons, they may choose not to have any contact with you here. Very often if they are in contact with you here it will be under a different name. Just as you have a different soul name on the other side; they have a different soul name as well.

Angels-Our dearest companions and helpers. Angels were created to help humans. They do not exist for any other world than this one. The Archangels are the highest angels and hear every word spoken to them. They oversee other angels and they all have specialties. Michael protects us. Raphael heals. Gabriel helps with communication,etc. We also all have a guardian angel assigned to us from birth. In addition to the guardian angel, we have numerous other angels to help us with everything from a parking space to finding the right job.

Spirits on The Other Side-Our loved ones and others that have crossed over are always around us.They may come to us as a spirit guide or may just come around to keep reminding us that we are eternal. Mediums have the ability to communicate with those who have crossed over although we all have the ability to hear from our loved ones-we just need to remain open to them. They contact us in many ways by using sound, music, electronics, photos and more. We can especially tune in to them when we hold something that belonged to them as the energy imprint that remains in the object helps them connect their current energy to us. After a loved one passes, they stay around for a while trying to comfort us.It is especially important to remain open to their contact as extreme grief can prevent them from reaching us and they love us and want to let us know that they still exist; they are not gone.

Your primary guide is your mentor and teacher. They are the one to ask for help with your path in life. They may also provide information through you for others. It may indeed be your path in life to provide information for others in the form of channeled or psychic readings or writings.

The secondary guides will help you with other tasks. There are healing guides, math guides, music guides, art guides, golf guides, etc. They, like your angels, are here to help make your life a little easier. When you are not struggling so much, you have more time for spiritual matters.

Our guides are our biggest supporters. They are ever watching and offering guidance. They are the voice that you hear in your head that you usually ignore. Stop awhile and listen to them. They love us and want nothing but the best for us.

More information on channeling guides.

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