Malachi through Donna Watkins-

(excerpts from Messages from Malachi)

Good day to you our Beloved Little Ones! We know that you have many questions and we have answers to those questions. There is so much that we have to say to you all that we could fill up many pages of speaking to you this way. We wish to say again that we are a collective of light beings that reside with the One Source. We have come here at this time to bring information from the other side. This is the time of the Awakening when those on your planet will begin to remember who they are and where they come from. We are here to assist in that; to help raise vibration so that you can reside in the One Source also at all times.

Can you give us some information about guides and angels?

There are guides and angels for everything. You have many guides who are here to help. There are spirit guides who are those who you may have known or not have known in this life who were once human. They have chosen to raise their own vibration closer to Source by becoming a guide to you. Having been human they are especially helpful to you in time of stress because they know how it feels and they are able to help you from that place of knowing but also with the knowledge that comes from the other side. They may be someone that you loved from this life or another. They may come to you in a form that you know or one that you do not recognize and may appear to you as a wise one or Master Teacher as it were.

Spirit guides help you with every day needs and guidance in your life. It would be them that you call on to assist with a career or relationship or health issues or other everyday needs.

Everyone has Spirit Guides who are here to help them if they will only call on them. Spirit Guides will assist you with whatever your passion is. They will act as Muse for writing or art or music. They will bring in mathematical ability or scientific ability or great ideas for inventions. They will help you excel at whatever your chosen path is.

There are different guides who will work with you on developing your intuition or other psychic ability as well. This one that we speak through has a particular guide that comes to her to assist her in her work as a medium. This guide brings in the loved ones from the other side that her clients wish to contact. This guide was a deeply spiritual teacher that she knew in the current lifetime who now assists her in speaking with those who have crossed over.

Your Spirit Guide will also assist in finding your higher purpose in this life and if it is needed, will call in other guides to help.

The Higher Guides are guides who are here for a much greater reason. These are guides like ourselves whom you might call Teacher guides. We are generally from a higher dimension or a different world and have come to bring teaching for the world through human vessels that we have chosen.

That is to say that YOU have chosen to be a vessel for higher teaching. Those of you that bring light to the world in this way have chosen in this lifetime to be an instrument for higher thought and your vibration has been raised so that it is as if a beacon has been set off for us to find you. We search for one or more of you that we have a vibrational match to although that is to say that we must still work on raising your vibration to be able to accommodate ours.

It is true that many Higher Guides speak through different people on your world and sometimes the information is very different. That is not to say that the information is not valid as it most certainly is but only to say that different of you resonate with different vibrations of ours and the information is given out as it can be assimilated and distributed by those channels at that place and time.

The Higher Guides will assist in work that is to be done for the higher good of others as well as the higher good of the vessel. Higher Guides are present when someone channels information for others in answer to questions or when they write or teach of things for many to learn from. Some channels may call them Spirit Guides and indeed they are but they are Higher Guides as well with vibrations much higher than the normal Spirit Guides. The Higher Guides will give information that is to be disseminated to the world at large and not just kept for the personal use of the channel.

We are here to teach and to that end we assist in writing and speaking to groups of people. Many of our channels do private readings as well and that is part of what they do in getting our message out to others.

Many Higher Guides work on higher planes to assist in global events like we did in your recent election. Many guides and beings from other dimensions were here to give assistance to the election process to insure that it was done fairly and without many of the problems that plagued recent elections. This is because this was a pivotal election for your country and indeed for your world. It was imperative that the people be allowed to elect this new leader and so we were here to insure that there was no tampering with your process. This is a turning point in your country’s consciousness which in turn will affect the world.

Many Higher Guides and Light Beings work on this level only and do not have personal contact with individuals but work on a local or global vibrational level. That is to say that they do not have personal human vessels that act as channels for their information but humans will act based on vibrations that they receive from a higher plane. They may not know what it is but they will choose to act upon the vibrational thoughts that they receive.

Angels are another thing entirely. They are beings that were never human (except for the Archangels Sandalphon and Metatron). They are beings designed and created by Source out of love for humans. They do not exist for any other world but Earth. It is true that there are higher beings on other worlds who assist the beings of those worlds but angels are unique in their form to your world. Remember too, that humans are Source so you have a hand in the creation of angels as well.

Angels are here for the sole purpose of helping human beings. There are many classes of angels and angels for almost anything you can imagine. There are parking angels and job angels and money angels. They are here to help you if you will but call upon them. They are intermediaries, companions, servants and friends.

In some of your religions you teach that the purpose of angels is to constantly praise God. That is not to say that they just sit around playing harps and singing. That is not what this means. The way they praise God is to help humans in their life. After all, are you not God? When they help you make your life easier and in turn help raise your vibration closer to Source, is that not praising God? Is that not living for the purpose for which they were created?

There are angels that bring you joy and music. There are angels that will bring you the right parking space when you are late for an appointment. This is not using them in a mundane fashion or for things that are not important. Everything that you do in your lives is important and their job is to make it easier. When your life is easier you have more time to work on spiritual matters.

Many on your world think that suffering is spiritual. It is not. When someone is suffering; when they can’t feed their family or provide shelter, the last thing they are thinking about are spiritual matters. Angels are here to help you see that there is divine intervention and magic in everything. They are here to provide miracles. Is it not a miracle to find a close parking space on a busy downtown street when you are late for an important meeting that could change your life?

Guardian angels are those that have been with you from before your birth. They are matched with you as spirit and continue with your spirit throughout your life. They are your best and closest friend. Mankind was not meant to be alone but you do not ask for help. Although your angels are around constantly, they cannot help you if they are not invited.

Just like your guides, they must be issued an invitation. They will not interfere with your life and they must be asked to help guide you. It is true that your Guardian Angel will step in to prevent harm if it is not your time but then they will recede into the background unless you acknowledge them and thank them for their assistance. Ask to talk to your angels. They will come as soon as you ask. They will surround you with the gentleness and peace of their beautiful countenance. They will show themselves to you if you but open to their glory.

The Archangels stand ready to assist you as well. Their presence is magnificent to behold. They can be anywhere at any time and can speak to many of you at one time as well. Know that they do not speak as you do to each other but they speak in your mind and your thoughts. Many of you channel these great and wonderful beings and that is as it should be for they have much to share with you and much help to give you.

The Archangels have their own purposes as well. For example, Raphael is the healing angel and will give assistance in all of your healing needs. He should be called on by those who heal in addition to their own healing guides and angels as well as he can magnify all healing ability. You are familiar with Michael and Metatron as they are lovingly channeled by many of you and their message reaches deep into the hearts of humans verywhere.

I had an experience with a dark energy the other day when I was in meditation. What is dark energy and how can we protect ourselves?

There is dark energy and indeed dark entities or spirits that will be drawn to you from time to time. They are spirits who have not crossed over fully and are attracted to your light. They will not harm you but can cause you discomfort and sometimes can cause you to harm yourself. They are looking for guidance because they know something is wrong but they cannot figure it out. They are looking for the light because that is what their instinct tells them but they are blocking the raising of their vibration.

When you die, your soul returns to being pure energy. As the vibration raises to return to the other side, light is created. This is where your tunnel of light comes from. Your spirit sees the vibrational raising as light and as it rises higher the light is stronger. This is why it appears as a tunnel with bright light at the other end. It is the progression of higher vibration.

When one of you dies under circumstances that are not ideal, such as a violent death or a very painful one, sometimes the raising of the vibration is blocked. The vibration of the material world is much lower than that of the spiritual one. When the raising of vibration is blocked, the vibration stays at the material plane. This causes great confusion in the spirit because their instinct is to go higher but they are blocked at the lower plane. They are stuck at this lower vibration because at the time of death they were not able to experience the love that comes to them to help them cross over. They are not able to see the loved ones that come for them and so are not able to complete the process of crossing over.

This happens most often when the soul is a young one and not that experienced in the crossing over process. They get confused and the vibration is blocked.

You must help them from this side. You must call in help from above. You must call in help from their loved ones and from Michael and Uriel who can help them break free from the lower vibration. You will call on these higher beings and you will send light to the spirit that is blocked.

These lost souls will be attracted to you and will keep coming around you because they are looking for the light and yours is the only one they see. They will not understand what is wrong; why they thirst but cannot drink or why they are hungry but cannot eat. It is a miserable place to be and they will have much confusion and anger and fear.

As we said before, they cannot harm you but they can cause you to harm yourself. If you are fearful then you are not as careful as you usually are. They cannot throw you down the stairs but they may cause you fear and confusion and in your fear, you may fall down the stairs yourself. They may cause fear because they try to speak to you and you may hear buzzing in your ears or a high-pitched sound. You may even hear them whispering if they are still able to produce speaking. They may drift in and out and they may use electronic devices. They are much attracted to electronic devices as electricity is energy and they are energy themselves. The electronic devices are easier for them to control.

For protection, call upon Michael or call for White Light. You may surround yourself with a ball or an egg shaped sphere of White Light. They cannot harm you but when you are protected thusly you will be less afraid. Again, ask for help in taking them to the other side and you will receive help.

When you are beginning a meditation you should always surround yourself with White Light. You should always be in a sacred place of protection. You should also ask for only your highest and most loving guides and angels to come to you. There are those as we spoke of above that would be attracted to you and want to attach their vibration to yours. They are of lesser vibration and they would cause you discomfort.

If you feel any discomfort when contacting an entity, you should know that they are a lower being. Break the connection immediately and ask for help in leading the entity to the Light. You always have control over which entities or beings you have communication with. Any being who does not make you feel good or have you in a feeling of love is not a higher being and is not there for your highest good. Sever the connection and ask again for only higher beings who are there for your highest good. When you feel energy of love and light, you will be in contact with your true Spirit Guides or Higher Guides.

You said something about “young souls”. Please explain that. How can there be young souls if souls are energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed? Wouldn’t all souls be the same age if they were all created at the same time?

Ah, that is a very good question. It is true that all souls were formed at the same time from the creator or One Source but there are souls who have never incarnated on this planet before and are new to the human experience.

Existence on this planet is unlike any other experience. They are young souls as far as this world is concerned and they have not yet mastered the difference between the lower and higher vibrations and the time between lives on this planet. There are many worlds or dimensions out there where souls are pure energy and are residing there without ever having incarnated in a body. There are worlds or pure energy where souls have lived for thousands of your years and the life spans are different. The energy of these souls does not die but after it reaches the highest level it can on these worlds it must transform into something else in order to continue.

It is true that a soul can achieve enlightenment or oneness with Source having only been human but it is very unusual to do so. Most souls travel in and out of other dimensions and to and from other worlds on their journey back home. They seek to know all worlds and all forms.

The young soul that we refer to is one that has either not lived as a human before or only rarely. Sometimes when these young souls cross over it is the first time that they have experienced death in that way. They have not previously had bodies where there was so much sensory information to deal with. Your world is unique in your sensory experience and that is why most souls choose to incarnate here time and time again.

There is much to be learned from your world that is not found on other worlds. There is much here that can advance a soul and much that can hold it back. This is both the beauty and the challenge of your world and that is why the angels were created to help you. They do not exist in that form or for that reason on any other world. They were put here help you because life on this planet can be so difficult.

It is especially difficult now that it is coming to the end of one era and the beginning of another. You are blessed to be in this time of confusion and beauty. This has occurred on your world many times already and it is occurring again. Each time it has occurred there has been a major shift in your world and a new one born.

You are here to witness and indeed assist in the transformation. It is a time of rebirth and renewal in which the energy of your world and indeed the physical map of your world will change again. Many souls are choosing to incarnate on your planet at this time to experience this. Many are here to help and many are just wanting to come along for the ride, so to speak. Souls are flocking from other places to your world at this time of great change. You will have many children born who will seem like they do not understand this world and that will indeed be so. These are the young souls of whom we speak. They are indeed old souls but are new to this planet and do not understand.

Many of them have already come here and many are still coming. They bring gifts from their worlds but they will need help on yours. You have called many of these souls Indigo or Crystal children because they seem to have special gifts and indeed, special needs on your planet. They are trying to reconcile their superior intellect and spirit with the sensory experience and lower vibration of your planet and many of them are having trouble with this. They are being given labels on your world that they are slow or that they misbehave. They are being labeled with terms for problems in learning.

There is a new group of children being born at this time that are the Star Children. Have you not noticed in the last several years and currently that there is another “baby boom” as you call it? These are children for whom the sensory experience on your planet is overwhelming as they have never experienced anything like it before. Many of these children are being given the term “autistic” as it appears that they are not in touch with reality; that they live in their own reality. This is because they come from worlds where there was no body and no lower vibration of the material. They are existing in a much higher vibratory plane and must be taught how to lower their vibration to exist in your world. They are in effect in sensory overload.

It is much like a car in that they need to be shown how to “shift gears” as it were. They are used to using much higher energy. Like a car needs higher energy to go uphill, they have existed in this high state of vibration. They must be shown how to go “downhill” and use less energy. They must be instilled with a sort of “transmission” that will help them control the amount of energy needed for specific tasks. They are used to doing everything telepathically or with a sort of telekinesis and they must be helped to do things physically.

All of these children will need the help of humans who are coming to them on a much higher plane. They will need teachers and psychologists who understand metaphysics and higher beings. There is nothing “wrong” with them and they need to know that their helpers understand this. They must not be labeled. They will benefit greatly from the use of crystals or sound and energy healing. They are used to these higher vibrations and will need these tools. They will need healers who can connect with them on their higher level and help them learn to bring the vibration down to the sensory levels when they need to in order to re-connect with what you call “reality”.

The ones that you label as autistic are ones to whom this physical body is a completely new experience. They do not understand these human vessels and do not know how to control them. Think of it as being a human who suddenly wakes up as a bird but still retains the human mind and intellect. As a human, you understand that birds fly but would you know how to use your wings? Would you know how to take off and land safely if you had never been a bird before? Birds know this because of their bird intellect and instinct. Would you be able to survive as a bird or would you simply shrivel up and die? Would you withdraw from existence if there was no one who could help you? The other birds would need to know how to approach you and your human intellect in order to help you.

This is what you must do with these children both the ones that seem to be too stimulated and the ones that do not seem to be stimulated enough. You must have healers and teachers who are able to communicate with these souls on their own intellectual level and their own level of vibration. When you are able to reach them on there own level you will be able to help them come down to a lower level where they can function. You will help them function physically on the lower level and help them to understand the physical form and world they are now in but you must also help them retain the higher vibration of their intellect and spirit. They are here to help after all.

They have come from worlds of pure energy and thought and bring this wonderful information to you and your world. Again we say that yours is a special world unlike any that exists anywhere else in the universe. There is a special way for souls to advance on your planet and many choose to come here for that very reason.

These “young souls” who appear lost will need all of your love and support and will need those of you who are beginning to raise your vibration and understand the nature of other dimensions. They must be communicated with on their level and most importantly, must not be given drugs or other things that will cloud them mentally.

Published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence in February, 2009

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