Distance Healing

Dr. Rudy Watkins facilitates Distance Healing sessions using Harmonic and Energy Healing.  Harmonic and Energy Healing is a form of energy medicine that uses vibration, sound and Divine Healing Energy. Dr. Rudy is a gifted harmonic energy Healer who uses many tools, along with guidance from his healing guides to effect lasting change in his clients' health. Science has proven that the body is made up of energy which vibrates at different levels and this vibration is used in all forms of energy or harmonic healing.


Dr. Rudy has given the term, Harmonic and Energy Healing, to his work with Divine Energy, sound and vibration. He is a conduit for Divine Healing Energy which flows through him. Connecting also with the vibrational field of the client, he helps to correct and heal dis-ease.

How Can Distance Healing Benefit You?

  • Regulates the proper flow of energy in your body
  • Strengthens the body's own healing mechanism
  • Provides profound physical relaxation and harmony
  • Non-invasive but very effective
  • Appointments based on your schedule
  • DNA Light Activation at the cellular level
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Facilitates mental clarity
  • Raises vibration which increases both physical healing and spiritual development

Dr. Rudy Watkins has a natural ability to heal but also uses some wonderful tools in his medical arsenal as part of his Harmonic Healing. He is a Qi Gong practitioner and uses medical Qi Gong in his practice. He also uses the Egyptian Healing Rods and Acutonics, which is harmonic Acupuncture without using needles.


The Egyptian Healing Rods are ancient tools that were used in Egypt. Filled with crystals, the help direct and enhance the practitioners natural vibratory power to facilitate a deep and profound healing. They have been proven to lower blood pressure and increase circulation. They work on physical ailments but are also very effective at increasing intuitive and spiritual powers as well.


Acutonics uses sound to heal. By using tuning forks on acupuncture points, Rudy is able to stimulate and regulate the healing Qi without the invasive use of needles. This is a great tool for a patient who wants to experience the awesome power of Acupuncture but is afraid of needles. The vibration and sound produced by the tuning forks is both soothing and powerful.


Dr. Rudy is currently accepting appointments for distance healing sessions. He works with Archangel Raphael and another very powerful guide, Helios. There is an amazing amount of energy generated during healing sessions and you do not have to be in Dr. Rudy's presence to receive this energy.

If you are interested in having a distance session with Dr. Rudy or if you would like more information, click on the link below.

Contact Dr. Rudy for more information about distance Harmonic and Energy Healing sessions.

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