Clairsentience, Psychometry and Spirit Photography

Mediumship is a fascinating subject but one cannot study mediumship in any depth without studying psychic phenomena in its many forms.   This is due to the fact that many times mediumship involves the same extra-sensory faculties that are expressed in the demonstration of psychic phenomena and it is important to rule out the possibility that the medium is merely receiving information in a psychic manner from a physical being and not from a discarnate spirit.

One of the most important of these extra-sensory faculties, clairsentience-which means “clear-sensing”-is the ability to sense, perceive or feel things in the psychic or spiritual realm.  Many people consider this sense to be our “sixth-sense” and akin to Intuition.  In fact, in studies on spontaneous intuition by Dr. Louisa Rhine, half the people studied said that they felt or sensed that something was about to happen before the subject incident actually happened.  Some of these people felt so strongly about what they believed was going to happen that they actually cancelled trips or altered plans in order to change the outcome.

Clairsentience can also be experienced in conjunction with other psychic phenomena such as clairvoyance and clairaudience.  In fact, many psychics report that they have more than one of these “clair” senses happening at the same time while demonstrating their psychic ability. 

One offshoot of clairsentience is psychometry; or the psychic ability to sense the life record-the people and places associated with an object-by touch. 

Psychometry was discovered by Dr. Joseph Buchanan, a physician practicing in Ohio, when he found that some of his patients were able to identify specific medications even when they were enclosed in sealed envelopes.  He did other experiments and published his early findings in 1849.  He went on to work with a geologist, William Denton, who was doing experiments in geologic psychometry, which is receiving historical information from geologic specimens. 

The basis of psychometry is that everything and everyone in the Universe has a vibrational energy field surrounding them and that someone sensitive to these vibrations can pick up information from this energetic field. 

There have been numerous studies of psychometry by scientists over the years and two main approaches have been put forth.  Dr. Gustav Pagenstecher proposed that the object was most important as the psychic linked up directly with the vibrations of that object in order to receive impressions.  Dr. Eugene Osty on the other hand, stated that he felt that the object was merely a catalyst to start the psychic ability of the sensitive.  After the initial contact, the psychic was able to receive all impressions or knowledge from their own psychic faculties and not from the object itself.

However psychometry actually works, there is no doubt as to its ability to help someone who is just starting out to develop their psychic ability.  It is one way that you can actually measure your progress because you can record what you sense from objects and see how your accuracy increases the more that you practice with additional objects.

Another type of phenomena associated with mediumship is spirit photography and its close relatives, skotography (“dark writing”) and thoughtography.

In spirit photography, images of discarnate beings appear on film or photographic plates inside a camera.  Skotography produces images of people, places and things on sealed photographic plates without the use of a camera.  In thoughtography, the images that are produced on the film are not of discarnate beings but are images produced by the psychic ability of the sensitive themself.  Unfortunately, because there was so much fraud associated with spirit photography, it has not been studied in any depth for quite some time.

It is clear that a medium uses many of the same faculties associated with psychic phenomena but receives the information from a Spirit and not from a being in physical form.  The medium may “sense”, “see” or “hear” but must be able to interpret the information so that the sitter is able to accurately identify the entity.  This is the basis of mediumship: when the personal identity of one from the Spirit World is revealed without a doubt, no matter the way in which it was received, it is proof of the continuity of life and of personal survival.

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