Channeled Message-10-8-2012
The Collective

Good morning dear ones. There are several of us here this morning in communion with the one who channels. She wishes us to speak of whatever we would like to speak about with you this morning and so we shall. There is much that can be spoken of at this time. We can speak of the confusion that many of you are feeling at this time and we know that you are. We know because this one feels it and many who have spoken to her are feeling it and many of you speak of it in your writings and in your world to each other. It is the confusion of feeling like you are not connected or like you have lost your connection to us. We understand that it feels to many of you as if you are in a sort of fog and you cannot get out of it or see your way clearly in it. This has a lot to do with the energy that is being put upon your world at this time but also a lot to do with the blocks that you, or your egos to be more precise, have to the work that must be done. The energy coming onto your world from the upcoming alignment very powerful indeed and for many of you, the communication with the higher realms has been easier but for a great number of you it has been more difficult. What we would say to you is that the conscious awareness of connection and communion is what has become more difficult for you. In other words, when you try to connect with us you find that you do not or cannot. That is not to say that there have been no connections to us at all. Much of this energy that is coming down is very powerful and as such you can only take in, on a conscious level, a certain amount of it. It is powerful and fast moving and of a very high frequency and so when you attempt to channel consciously, that is when you sit down and say to yourself, now I am going to channel, the connection will not come. What we say to you is to know that there is much information that is coming to you when you are not consciously trying to connect with us. There is much information that is being "downloaded" if you will, to you when you are not aware of it. You are getting much information in your sleep which is why many of you are waking from your sleep and not feeling rested as you should. This is because you have been very busy during that time. You have been taking dictation as it were and visiting with us in the higher realms. You are doing much work even if you think that you are not. There are times when you become aware of some new insight and wonder where that comes from or you may feel that you have some fleeting thought that seems to be of higher thought but it seems as if you cannot catch hold of it and then it is gone. Do not worry dear ones as the time for the knowledge that you hold is coming closer. The time for that which we have been giving you will be coming soon. Things will be revealed to you and you will have the knowledge available to you. It will be as if flood gates are opened and you will realize the wonderful messages that you have been receiving all along. When you are asleep, your conscious mind is at rest and your subconscious mind can do its perfect work. The subconscious and the superconscious parts of your mind vibrate at higher frequencies and so can join with the higher realms during sleep much easier than during your waking moments. Even when you set aside time for conscious channeling and meditation as it were, your conscious mind is still somewhat active. It picks up on the increased vibrations and so that part of your conscious mind, the ego-that is till connected to the lower energies of your world-will attempt in any way it can to prevent you from reaching higher states of mind. This is an effort by the negative energies on your planet-those who are there by choice and seek to hold you back-to disrupt your natural human ability to connect with the higher realms. When you connect with the higher realms you connect with love and the higher vibration of love. These forces, these energies, cannot live in the higher vibrations and so they seek to keep you in the lower ones. Just as your world is being flooded with higher energy and vibration, so it is being flooded with negative as well. For many of you who are sensitive to vibration, those of you who actively do meditation or channeling or other contact, this combination of energies is like a lot of static going off in your head. It fills your head with noise and you cannot concentrate. This is what you are feeling lately. There is coming a time when the higher vibration will outweigh, if you will, the lower ones and the static will begin to dissipate. Then will you be able to "see" or "hear" more clearly. Then will the messages that you have already receive come forth and make themselves known to you on the conscious level. Then will you be able to more readily connect at will. And you will find that you will indeed have more connections when all of this clears. You will find that you will have more of what is called "open" channeling where you receive clearly intuitive messages that help you with your life and the lives of others. Do not worry dear ones, you have not lost us-we are still here. Soon there will be a new level of communication between us and you will forget about the time when you felt that you could not reach anyone and you wondered if "anyone was home." We were home, dear ones, and we are still home. You have been talking with us all the time even if you cannot remember. It will begin popping into your head as if you are having what you call a "déjà vu" experience. A thought will come into your head and you will know it as if you have known it before and it will become clear to you and of a second-nature to you. Many of you were wondering if there was really anyone up here that you were talking to. There is and we have been talking back. By the end of this year and into the beginning of the next, things will begin to fall into place for you and you will see the purposes behind what has been going on in your lives. Many of you have been confused and your confusion will be eased. You are about to embark on the next phase of your lives and it will be a most exciting one! So we tell you now; keep speaking to us. Keep trying to reach us. We are here and we are speaking back. Keep yourselves in good spirits when you go to sleep at night because you are going to go to a wonderful place with us. Know that when you get up in the morning that you have done good work on the other side and that all will be revealed to you. You are learning, studying, helping, healing and more during your "sleep" time. There are places and purposed for you all in the new world that is coming and you are being prepared. Do not think for an instant that you have been left behind or forgotten. You have not. You are all important in the world that is to come and you are being prepared to take up the role that you have chosen in that world. It is our purpose to help you just as it is your purpose to help your world and we each accomplish it in the Creator's way and in the Creator's time. The time for you to know is drawing near. For now, do not stress yourself if you sit down to talk to us and it feels as if you are not getting any answers. We are connected to you even if you cannot hear us or feel us through the static. The glorious time is coming soon. For now, be at peace. We send you love and light. -The Collective, Oct. 8, 2012

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