Archangel Michael Oil

Archangel Michael Oil, Spiritual Oil, Angel Oil, Protection, Divine Love, Courage, Magical Energy,  Happiness, Conscious Mind

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When things go bump in the night (or anytime things seem “bumpy” in your life), you need Archangel Michael Oil!                        

Michael’s name means “He Who Is Like God” and he is the archangel of protection and Divine Love.  Use this spiritual oil to bring peace, protection and courage against anything that life can throw at you. It lends power and protection during rituals, meditation or channeling. 

Just imagine yourself surrounded by his Divine White Light of Protection whenever you need it.  Michael's aura is also a beautiful deep shade of blue so you might see that color when you call on him as well. 

Michael always stands ready with his flaming sword to cut away the cords that bind us to things that no longer serve us-whether that’s a relationship, job, situation, person or even our own behavior or habits!

Rich with the essences of Rose, Lilac, Pine, Ylang-Ylang and more, this oil can be used to anoint a dark blue candle in a sacred ritual to release anything that holds us back.  You can also use the anointed candle to carry through your place to cleanse it-all the while invoking Michael’s magic to clear out any negativity and asking him to bring in and fill your space with his White Light.  When clearing any space, make sure that you have a window open so that the negative “stuff” has someplace to go! 

Archangel Michael Oil can also be used as a consecration or anointing oil (**NOTE) for ritual or just when we feel that we might need a little extra protection (got a crappy job anybody????) or boost of courage.  You can also put it in an oil burner or use as an anointing oil in meditation for help in solving problems.

Michael, along with Uriel and Azrael, helps to take lost souls to the other side.  Use the oil in conjunction with a releasing ritual to call in help for those who are trapped here or for any negative energies that just keep hanging around.

Michael is our Spiritual Warrior and can be called on for just about anything-he loves being our “go to” guy!!!

Specifications:  1/2 oz bottle; essential oils, carrier oil

Process:   Channeled formula from Michael using a pendulum to help determine the kinds and amounts of oils to use in this formula.  Small batch Master Oil made and consecrated for over a month on  our altar.  Individual bottles made and prayed over before shipping.

**NOTE:  As with all oils, even though they are in carrier oil it is a good idea to test the oil on a small patch of skin in case of allergies.  Do not use oil on genitals or in eyes, mouth or ears.

Price:  $10

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