Awakening From the Past

Philosopher George Santayana said once, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

I know that you have heard this phrase or versions of it over and over again but have you ever really thought about what it means? Most often, it is taken to mean that we should learn from our mistakes or you will make them again.

I have a little different take on it.

A Course in Miracles has an exercise that says, "The past is over. It can touch me not." Marianne Williamson has spoken about this in her book on The Course, A Return to Love. She says, "The past is merely a thought we have. It is literally all in our minds." And she is exactly right. The past IS all in our mind but so is the emotion and the belief that we formed along with what happened in the past. And, it is that belief about what happened that rules our lives.

It is the false belief, the false emotion embedded in our subconscious that drives everything that we do. Every thought we have, every action we take is guided by skewed beliefs about ourselves or others that formed in our past due to conditions that were present when "stuff" happened to us.

The problem lies in the fact that most of the time, we have no idea why we do what we do or feel what we feel in a given situation. We have fears that we don't know the cause of or beliefs that come up from out of our deepest self that take over and before we know it, BOOM, we've "done it" again. We've lost the job, tanked the relationship, blown the money, missed the opportunity and are right back where we started again. This happens because we cannot "remember the past and therefore are condemned to repeat it."

But what if you really don't know where the "stuff" is coming from? The "stuff" comes from things that have happened in our past that for the most part, we don't or can't remember. Some of this past stuff comes from our childhood in this life but a LOT of it comes from somewhere else-a lifetime that we can't remember. And if we can't remember it, what are we condemned to do? Right, repeat it!

We need to be able to remember what happened to us and the circumstances surrounding the event, in order to uncover the emotions associated with it and the beliefs we formed at the time. When we can uncover the emotion and the belief about what happened we can heal it and move on. In other words, if we can remember the past, we are therefore freed from repeating it. We can learn what happened and what we did or didn't do and how to change things. We can also find out what we were supposed to learn from the situation-when we can find the lesson, we can heal.

Ok, so how do we remember and clear the past?

Your mind, your soul, your spirit are connected. You are an eternal being who has always been and will always continue to be. Your soul has merely chosen this physical vessel-this body-in this time period on this planet in which to exist. This is part of your soul journey. You are here to learn, to explore, to play and to grow. Your soul however, has chosen other vessels before to help it on its journey and the mind of the soul has been along for the ride; the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind is an amazing thing.

The mind has recorded everything that has ever happened to the soul. It has recorded things in this body since before you were born and will continue to record everything that happens until it passes from the physical back into the spiritual energy form that is its true self. It has done this recording for every form the soul has ever taken and in every place it has ever been. It even records what happens to the soul in between lives-what we call "the Other Side" or our "Life Between Lives".

Using spiritual regression techniques, we are able to tap into the subconscious mind in order to go to anywhere we want, to any time we want, in the life of the soul. We can go to earlier on in this life, even to the time before you were born, and we can use these techniques to explore your past lifetimes as well. We can even go to the "future" of the soul because on the soul's level there is no "time" as we know it. There is just a pure stream of energy that can be tapped into.

But what is the most important reason for spiritual regression or uncovering a past-life? I feel the most important reason for participating in a past-life regression is because it reassures us that we DO go on forever. Once you realize that you have lived before, you know that you will live again. Most everyone who has ever taken a workshop says that they are no longer afraid of death. They have all been assured of the immortality of the soul. When you discover your immortality, you begin to understand that this place is just a stopping point;that your life is really the time you spend on the "other side" and that "this" is really your "life between lives." You are just here to learn and advance your soul-it is a journey on Earth school-and that you look forward to the time when you can go Home.

There is such freedom in no longer fearing death but having a certainty of where you will go, knowing loving guides, family and friends are there to meet you. It also is a comfort to those who have lost loved ones in this life because they now know exactly where they are and how they are. And that is always the biggest question about lost loved ones. "Where are they and how are they doing? Are they ok?"

Once you experience this for yourself, you will find that you have more peace in your life, more purpose and more joy.

Have you ever wondered about your past lives?

Do you have a fear or a phobia that you don't know the origin of?

Do you seem to have recurring patterns in relationships or with careers or money?

Have you ever met someone that you had an instant attraction to or been absolutely, inexplainably repelled by?

Do you wonder about Karma and how you are affected by it?

What is waiting for us when we cross over?

If you have any of these questions or just want to explore, then come to my upcoming past-life workshop, "Awakening From the Past".

We will discuss the theories of reincarnation and karma and the journey of the soul. We will participate in some small exercises to get you familiar with hypnosis and how it feels and then the last part of the workshop will be a full past-life regression. You will be able to jot down notes on the life you explored and we will discuss them in class (if you are willing-privacy is always respected). All participants in the workshop will also receive a coupon for 1/2 off a private session or reading if you would like further consultation or clarification.

The workshop will be held on Saturday, Sept. 12th from 1-4pm in Corrales. The cost is $40. Use our contact form to register or call us at 505-897-1715. We will give you directions when you register. We take MasterCard and Visa for your convenience or you can pay by check. Space is very limited so please register early!

Bring a pillow and a blanket so that you can relax on the floor if you want during the regression which will last about 45 minutes to an hour.

If you think that this workshop will be helpful to you, or if you just are curious and think it will be fun, I look forward to seeing you there. If you know someone who could benefit from the workshop, please pass the information along to them.

This is the first workshop in our "Awakening to Whole-Being" series. Check out all of our classes below.


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Woo-hoo! I told you they were coming. I know...took long enough!


Saturday, September 12th

1-4 pm


Call 897-1715 to register

Past-life regression workshop to explore a past-life. Info on karma, reincarnation and the soul journey as well. I promise that it will be fun and informative.



October 10th and 11th

11-4 each day


This is a two day workshop to increase your psychic connection and awaken your spiritual self! Learn to channel! In Part I you will learn about trance states, clearing your mind, guides and angels, opening your chakras and more. You will also connect with your Higher Self and your own most loving guides and angels, including your guardian angel. You will learn to channel information from them for yourself or others. You will also receive techniques and exercises that you can use to continue the communion with your Divine helpers. If you would like more information or to register you can contact us or call 897-1715. The Workshop will require a $50 deposit to hold your space. Space is limited to 6 participants. MasterCard and Visa accepted. Bring a lunch-beverages will be provided.


We will continue channeling but also in this class you will learn to further develop your psychic gifts using telepathy, psychometry, divination tools and more! This is a one-day class-date will be announced shortly.

These classes are the next ones in our "Awakening to Whole-Being" series. This is a series of classes and workshops that we have been led to present by our loving guides and angels. My guide Malachi has given me much of the information along with Archangel Raziel and others. "Awakening to Whole-Being" is the message from Malachi to us as we prepare for The Awakening.

Coming later in the series, AWAKENING THE PROSPEROUS SELF-Breaking the Bubble.

You can also keep track of things on our blog.


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