In the past few weeks I have heard from more than one person (and I have been feeling it myself) that they were feeling very restless. They felt like they didn't belong anywhere or they felt very alone. I have had friends say that and I have had several reading clients ask about it as well so I decided to ask my guides for help.

"Why does everyone seem to be feeling so "out of place" and alone? What is going on?"

-Greetings to you beloved little ones.

You have asked us to speak of why people are feeling so out of place and alone. There is much that is happening in your world right now.

The energy of the awakening is getting very strong and those who are more sensitive to it are feeling the pressure. There is pressure to get about "our Father's business." This is the business of why you have chosen to be here on this planet at this time in history.

We know that you all have spoken of how many people seem to be passing. It is true that many souls are choosing to leave the world before the awakening. There are many reasons for that.

Some are old souls who have been through the shift before (remember, this is not the first shift for this world and definitely not the first for other worlds either) and are just choosing to "sit this one out." There are also younger souls who have opted out as they know they are not prepared for what is to come.

Many have also taken the position of leaving so that they can leave their loved ones (or the world in the case of more well-known people) with the sense of needing to find out what life is all about-and death too for that matter. By leaving, they will spur others on to look for their path in life. They will begin to see that life is too short to keep doing the same old thing. They will begin to look for the meaning in their life and also the meaning in death.

Many will begin to explore the possibility of life after death where they did not believe in it earlier. They want to know that their loved ones are happy and continuing and that life is not just a one-shotdeal. They will begin to search for purpose and in their search find God. This is what the shift or the awakening is about-the search for God.

There is a new consciousness coming to planet Earth-well, not new really but a return of the Christ consciousness. A return to Love. Your world has gotten too far away from God and now seeks to come back. Just like the swing of the pendulum, it is time for a return home.

Many of you are feeling this right now.

Some of you feel a deep desire to relocate. There are two reasons for this: Earth changes and where you are meant to help.

There will definitely be some earth changes associated with the Shift. There will be ares of the planet that will become uninhabitable due to changes in the oceans, lakes and rivers of the world. Land masses will change due to rising water levels. Although it will not be as catastrophic as some predict, there will be changes. Some of you are feeling the need to relocate so that you will be either out of danger or in a place where you can help the most (or both). Pay attention to these urges and honor them-it is part of your path.

Many of you are feeling a restlessness in what you are doing with your life-a dis-satisfaction with the work you do and how you spend your days. Some of you have even experienced a loss of your jobs. There are reasons for this. The old way of doing things is coming to an end. The old models of finance and business are no longer working.

As consciousness raises and vibration increases, these products of ego thinking no longer serve you. They are based on ego-that is to say, on fear, aggression, lack and anger. They are based on the false assumption that there is not enough to go around and so the "capitalist" model is to get all that you can get so you will have the most power. It does not matter who gets hurt or who has to do without as long as you have yours. This is supposed to be "free enterprise" and the "survival of the fittest." It is just greed and fear and lack consciousness. It is a model of the past and it is time to let the past be in the past and to concentrate on the now-on the present and on love.

When there is love, there is nothing else. There is no greed, no fear, no lack. There is only each other and God. You all are feeling a restlessness to get back to God-to get back to the Source that created everything.

If you have lost your job-begin to see it as a blessing. Begin to look for what you were supposed to be doing all along. It's there, you just have to lift off your fear to find purpose hiding under it.

When you begin to feel lost or alone, that is when you should turn inward for indeed that is where God is. Ask for guidance, for help.

And then, be quiet and listen. God speaks to you all of the time. The reason you don't believe that is only because you make so much noise all the time that you can't hear Him.

God/Source/Creator is always there; always speaking to you in a still, small voice. The restlessness is your signal to stop and listen. Feel, learn, know, hear.

Dear ones, you are never alone. You are surrounded by Love. There are many of us who are here to help. God is always speaking as are we. We are your guides, your angels, your loved ones, your dearest friends.

Even your highest self speaks to you all of the time with loving encouragement and help. Just stop for a while and listen. Listen for Love. You can hear it, you know. You can hear Love, feel Love, see Love, know Love. Love is all there is.

When you begin to live from Love, there will be no more restlessness or feeling alone. You will know exactly where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be doing. You will begin to feel and see a million angels surrounding you with beauty and light. You will know that you will never be alone again.

It is the time of the Awakening. The time of Love. Nothing else matters. And So It Is. Amen, Amen, Amen.


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