Greetings to you our beloved Little Ones!

We welcome you once again to this monthly issue from the one who is our companion and beloved channel. There is much that we love about your world at this time of year. The animals on your world begin to come together to reproduce and there is a whirlwind of activity in the air. The birds are singing their mating songs and the trees and flowers begin to bud and bloom. The air becomes warm with the smells of these happenings and you humans know that spring is once again upon you with all of its promise and beauty. You are caught up in the majesty of creation and the tenderness of new life. You celebrate fertility with your spring holiday of Easter and although we know that your Christian Church borrowed this holiday to remember the death and resurrection of your Christ, it still retains the trappings of the original pagan fertility celebration.

You celebrate Easter with baskets of eggs and symbols of bunnies and chicks-all of whom represent fertility and new life. You look for treasures in your baskets-pastel, shiny eggs of sweetness. Brightly colored candies and soft, toy rabbits. It is a time of new beginning that has been celebrated as long as there have been humans on your planet. A time of renewal and resurrection after the dark, cold, lifeless winter. Seeds are planted when the ground thaws that become the bounty of food for all living things on your world.

We say to you now, what will you resurrect in your life this year? What dreams will you bring back from the dead? What renewal will you promise yourself this spring and then begin acting on? For indeed, this is the time of year for starting over. You humans have a tendency to do this at the beginning of the year with your resolutions but you do not follow through. Could it be because you make these resolutions while you are still deep in the midst of the dark lifeless winter? This is the time of re-birth!

This is the time to dust off your desires and the dreams that you held for your life and act on them. Now, when the sun is bright and you can watch the budding and growth of your project along with the budding and growth of life around you.

We are here to help you with this. We, your guides and angels, stand by to be called on. For too long you have not allowed us to help. You continue to try to do it all alone and do not understand why you continue to fail. We have come here to assist you.

Your guardian angel has been with you since before birth-they are your constant companion. They are with you in sickness and health, in sadness and joy. They hold your hand when the way is treacherous and then let you go when you regain your footing but stay ever-vigilant, ever-watching. Do not believe that they are here just to keep you from harm; their job is so much more than that. They are your connection to the Divine. They are part of you and as such, they will do whatever you ask of them. They will help you with your career, your relationships, your passion in life. In fact, they will help you find your passion in life. You are passionate beings! That is one of the curses of being human but is also one of your greatest gifts. Your passion...

What were you passionate about as a child? Were you going to be a ballerina, a pirate, a fireman, an astronaut? Were you going to be a famous actress or an opera singer? What did you know as a child, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you could do? There were no limitations to your imagination then. But as you grew older you began to realize that you could not always have what you wanted and that it would be next to impossible to become your dream. Why? Because someone else whose dreams had been shattered told you that this was the way of the world-this was just "how it is". It only takes one person to start a nasty rumor that can ruin many lives. This is the greatest lie on your world.

You have the unlimited ability to be and do whatever you want. We are here to help you see that and to help you achieve what you have always dreamed of. It may be that you are not educated correctly to be an astronaut now and it still may not be too late but what other way can we inspire you reach the stars and to live among them? How else can you use that dream? Ask your angels to help you. Call on your guides and your higher self. The answers are there; they always have been. You have just been listening to the voices outside of your head instead of the voices coming from your heart.

This year, this spring, what will you dream? What small egg of inspiration will you hatch and nurture to its fullness? What beautiful treasure will you uncover in your Easter basket? Maybe the tiny seed of the dream of a child with no limits. Take that seed and plant it in the fertile ground of your imagination now that it has thawed from winter. Water it generously with streams of help from your guides and angels and watch it grow. Feed it with the fertilizer of love and passion and see what it becomes. You may not become an astronaut that rides in a rocket but you may find that you have reached the stars all the same.

Peace to all beings, we are complete.


Yes, once again, Malachi and I are published!!! Our article, "Awaken to Whole-Being" has been published in the March issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence. This time we are in the printed edition out on news stands now!! If you have an e-subscription, you will still be able to read us as the on-line edition has everything in the printed edition and more.

I am so grateful to the Sedona Journal for accepting these articles and for helping me get Malachi's message of love and hope out to the world and I am so grateful for all of you who have been faithful followers for all of these months. More from Malachi and my other guides is forthcoming. Stay tuned!



If you haven't looked at the website lately, we have a new look! I have been trying to spend some time updating it and have given it a new softer look.

We also have a new addition to the website called The Family Room. We are very excited about this as it gives us (and all of our other readers) a chance to hear from you! The Family Room is the area of our site where we invite you all to sit a while and talk with us. We have posted several topics and would like to hear from our readers with their personal stories about these topics. We will be adding many more topics in the next few weeks. Some of the topics we have now are Tales from the Other Side where we would like you to share your stories of contact with spirits. We also have topics on Channeling and Energy Medicine and books. We want to hear from you about your experiences with these things and about any good books you have read lately that inspired you and that you would like to share with other readers. We also want to hear from you about topics you would like to see in The Family Room. We will also answer questions you have about the topics in the room and post the answers for all to see. Your stories and experiences will become actual pages of our site-kind of like having your own little chair in our Family Room. Did you ever see Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella? "in my own little corner in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be"? Oh well, anyway. We would love to share your stories and you can also upload photos too!


I have been working on a new line of jewelry (bracelets and earrings) called Angel Wishes*. They are made from genuine gemstones and crystals for various purposes. They are empowered with their purpose as I make them. For example, The Sandalphon bracelet is made from turquoise and turquoise crystals and is empowered with courage and with lifting your prayers to heaven. Raphael is made with malachite and green crystals and empowered with his beautiful green healing aura. Angels will be coming for many purposes including Hope (for breast cancer), Love, Michael, Psychic Ability and others. I hope to have them on the website soon and hopefully, in a few stores around town as well. Let the angels carry your wishes on their wings! Please contact us if you want any more information.



I am still reading at Blue Eagle every Wednesday from 1-5 and on the last Sunday of every month for their monthly Psychic Fair from 1-5. Readings on Wednesdays are $45 for 30 minutes and $75 for 60 minutes. Readings at the Psychic Fair are $20 for 20 minutes.


Classes will be coming shortly in Tarot and Psychic Development. Check our calendar or our blog for more information as it becomes available. I am hoping to go part-time in March so that I can get our classes up and running again. Thank you for your patience!


Rudy is still doing healing work and is doing distance healing as well. I am still doing private readings from home both on the phone (those are taped for you) and by e-mail. For the time being my private readings are $55 for 1/2 hour and $75 for 50 minutes. My medium readings are only for 50 minutes. One question by e-mail is $20. I will most likely be increasing my fees sometime in the next couple of months so now is a good time to schedule a reading before the charges go up.

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