Starting Over-or Not?

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Greetings to you our beloved ones again.

It seems appropriate to discuss starting-over. We know that we discussed changes in the last newsletter and the changes that were happening with our beloved Donna and Rudy and also with the country. It seems to be that our channel was wondering about what was happening with her business since she has gone back to work. Why is it that things must start over?

We know that you do not always understand what occurs in your lives. Many times it seems as if you are going backwards instead of forward. Know that this is not the case. You are always moving towards your goal and purpose in life even if you do not realize it and if it seems that all has "gone to hell" so to speak. You may see things as starting over as our channel has recently asked us about. It is not starting over; it is starting from a new point-a point closer to your goal than you can possibly imagine.

Think of it as a trip from one side of your country to the other-from Maryland to California. You have your route planned out but along the way you are attracted to sights that you had not planned to stop for. You see signs pointing to some attraction and you decide that it would be advantageous or interesting to stop and see this thing. Like the "Giant Ball of String" or the "World's Largest Frying Pan". And so you veer off of your "planned" course onto another road or highway to visit something different than that which you know. When you get back onto your planned route, you have not "started over" as you have not gone back to the beginning, you are merely starting from your "stopping point" and then getting back on track, so to speak. If you were to look at your route mapped out on a map of the United States, you would be able to see that after each "stopping point" you were closer and closer to California. Not once, did you go all the way back to Maryland and "start over".

These stopping points can be things that you would like to explore or learn from or they can be things that seem to take your attention when you least desire it, like a flat tire. In any case, again, you do not return to your beginning, you merely start the journey again from your new "stopping point". Eventually, you will get to your destination in California, having had many new experiences, some good and some bad, but all that you have learned from. It may have taken a little longer than you thought but you find in the long run that every step along the way was worth it.

This is what happens to you on your path in life. You may believe that you have totally planned out your destination and when you don't get there when you think you will, you believe that you are starting over; that you have taken 1 step forward only to take 10 steps backwards. But, you say to us, when we planned our trip to California, we had a schedule to keep, a time line to follow. We only had a certain amount of time to get to our destination and so veering off course would be detrimental to us. We say to you now, only in your own minds are you limited in time. You have all the time in the world available to you. You are becoming multi-dimensional beings and this is becoming a multi-dimensional world. There is no time in other dimensions as you would have it here. Do not limit yourselves by thinking of time lost or time gained. Raise your vibrations and live in the higher dimensions. Do you not know that in the higher dimensions you can stop time or slow it down in this dimension? There is all the time that you need to get to where you are going.

One of the things that you confuse yourself with is the destination. You believe that the destination is the perfect job, or the perfect relationship, or the perfect financial situation. Those things are not the destination, they are some of the "stopping points" along the way. The destination is oneness with Source or Whole-Being. These things are part of Whole-Being but they are not in and of themselves, Whole-Being. Your destination is your home; the place from which you originated. Your life-path is only the journey. It is what you do on your path and the side-trips that you take that bring you closer to the destination and closer to the enlightenment that you seek. It is the lessons learned and the experiences lived that bring you back to Source.

You will never have the perfect job or relationship or financial situation because you are always changing and in this dimension, there is no "perfection" of material things. You can have a really good relationship that brings both of you closer to your destination and you can have a darn good financial situation that allows you to pursue those side-trips toward your destination but neither of them will ever be perfect. And you will never have the perfect job either as your desires and your interests change as you progress.

Do you have the same desires now as when you were 12? Did you have the same desires at 16 as you had at 12? Do you even have the same desires you had at 20, 30, 40 or more? In many other cultures in your world, it is natural and even desirable for people to have many careers. It is only in this country that you believe that you need to get a "good job" in your 20's and stay with it until you retire and you get your "gold watch". Only then, do you believe, will you be able to pursue your "dreams". Then you will be able to read, or sew or garden or travel or do woodworking or fish or any of the things that you all believe are just "hobbies". You will be able to relax until you die, indeed, you wait to die as you believe life is over once you retire.

What if you were to take your "hobby" and find a way to make it your "living"? What if you finally admitted that what you desired when you were 20 does not make you happy at 40? What if you gave yourself permission to make a change? What REALLY would be the worst that could happen? Would you be starting over? No, you would not be back at 20 with little life experience and feeling your way in the dark. You would be at a "stopping point" and visiting the "Giant Ball of String". Then you get back on your route with a whole new perspective, and maybe even an idea or two of something really interesting to you that would be interesting to other people as well (Just think of how many people visit the "Giant Ball of String" per year. Look it up!!).

What we would say to you Beloved Ones, is that there is a purpose to everything that you do in your life. You may think that if you had just made that other decision that everything would have worked out. Who is to say that it did not? Who is to say that you are not exactly where you are supposed to be even if it doesn't make sense to you now. You say to yourselves, "hind-sight is 20/20, If I had known then what I know now..."

We say to you that you are not supposed to look back and you are only to look forward with the knowledge that those side-trips have provided to you. At the end of everything, when you are finally at your destination, you will be able to see from above that your map looks totally the way it is supposed to. You will see that all of those side-trips were really part of the journey all along; it was your higher self that knew it and planned for the trip with all the provisions you needed.

When you feel that you are off-course, ask your higher self to guide you. It does know the way and many times it will just reassure you that you are exactly on course and arriving safely at your destination when you are supposed to. Your higher self works with your guides and angels to help you along the way. Don't try to drive by yourself; pull over occasionally and let someone else do the driving. You will see much more and not be so tired when you get there.

We love you very much. We are complete.


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