Changes-The Coming Year

"Ch, ch, ch, changes..." David Bowie sang about them years ago and now changes are exactly what has come to Rudon Spirit and Wellness.

Sorry that this is so late in coming out but this newsletter finds Rudy and I back in our old careers-he is back in Physical Therapy and I am back at the mortgage company. This is definitely not what we had planned and although we are very grateful for the money that is coming in now, it is limiting the time we have to do the things that we love the most. I have really enjoyed writing for our website and giving classes and doing readings but unfortunately, it just wasn't bringing in the money that we needed to live on. Our jobs were an answer to prayer, even if they weren't the answers we were hoping for. We were also very disappointed that we did not get the financing for our store. We have put that into the hands of Spirit as there is nothing more we can do by ourselves.

To all of our "regulars", we deeply appreciate and love you. We are so grateful for having your loving spirits in our lives and what you have taught us.

We want you to know that we will be back with classes and meetings at some point (we think). Please don't give up on us as we sort this out. Our jobs are temporary and we will continue to hold private sessions. Rudy will continue his wonderful healing work; he also does distance healing and I will continue to give private phone readings and will continue my readings at Blue Eagle on Wednesdays.

We are communicating with our guides to see what we are supposed to do and why we are blocking it. Maybe this isn't it or maybe we're not supposed to be here. We don't know but we are open to guidance.

We also ask for your prayers and thoughts during this time. I am very good at helping others see their life path but like most psychics, I have always had a problem seeing my own. If any of you have any insights or feelings as to what we should be doing, please share them with us.

We know that more changes are coming; we can feel and sense them. We have an ad in the January issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence and we are very exicted about that. It is a prominent magazine that has an international audience and I know that we will reach many more people. I have also written an article (well, I have channeled an article from Malachi) that I hope will be published in the February issue and have submitted another one for the March issue (the one submitted for January got hung up in the publisher's e-mail).

This work situation is just temporary and I know it will change. We are working with some very good information from many sources to clear our blocks, including Joe Vitale and his miracles website of which we are members. Please check it out at Sorry the link isn't working so you will have to cut and paste.

There is definitely major change coming around this year. I know that many of you can feel it coming. Our country has stepped up to the plate and elected a man as President, in spite of his color, that many believe will bring out the best in all of us. For our country, that was a big step. I am so grateful that many are beginning their Awakening and I believe that this was the first step in that process.

I have asked my guides to comment on what is happening and what this year holds for our world. They are all jumbled up in this, it is not just Malachi although they start out with his traditional greeting.

Happy New Year to you dear Little Ones! We say this because we know that is is customary among your people to say this at this time and indeed, we do wish you to have a happy year. It is true that there are many changes that are taking place on your world, many of which will occur this coming year of 2009.

Your country is seeing a major change in its elected leader that is to be sure. Your country is still young and holds many issues of racial hatred still as you have not evolved enough to see beyond race and indeed, it has been perpetrated by your government and your elite. We are most pleased that so many of you have risen above that this year and have elected the person who gives you hope and indeed he will give hope to the world, not just to your country.

The world waits to see America rise back to a position of leadership. This does not meant to say that you are to interfere as has been done in the past and to try to control other countries by stealth or underhanded dealings. America was once the land that oppressed people of other nations looked to for freedom and a place to start over. It has become just as corrupt as some of these other countries that they seek to escape from. There was idealism of the people of the world that America was the big brother of the world, not the "Big Brother" of your futuristic novel, 1984, but a big brother that takes care of smaller siblings and looks out to protect his family and those he loves.

There was a mission behind why this country was founded and it was to escape corrupt politics and governments and to allow the people to govern and do what the majority felt was best. This whole system has become corrupted but in this year, you have spoken up to say that you want it to be fixed and you have elected the person that you felt thought like you and wanted to fix it too.

Know this, that many of us, that is to say, beings of light or from other dimensions or worlds, played a part in your election to help bring this about.

This man, your new President, is not alone in the way that you think. He is being joined by another of another dimension who will inhabit his body along with his own spirit. Many of you term this a "walk-in". He will have the advantage of higher vision from other realms. This has not occurred yet but will be so sometime during his first term.

Also, know this, that we are around him offering protection in addition to your Secret Service and other of your own government protective bodies. It is imperative that President Obama is not harmed in any way for he is a vehicle for the Awakening in this country.

We will also speak of the problems in the Middle East as we were asked by this channel earlier to do so. There will continue to be massive unrest and fighting in the Middle East unless there is an intervention. By this, we do not mean by your country or any other country in your world.

This situation was created by politics and governments and religion and will not be ended by any of those means. We have seen that if there is not some intervention by us, there will be mass destruction on your world and this we cannot allow. Your atmosphere is growing thinner as you are well aware of and this would mean that any explosion of a major weapon such as your nuclear weapons would no longer be contained in your atmosphere and would indeed spread out into the universe. This cannot be allowed to take place.

Know that we are standing by for intervention if that needs to be. It will not be a violent one as many on your planet fear of "ET" intervention. It will be more of a neutralization of weapons and perhaps even a visitation from some beings. This year as has been mentioned by many others will indeed be a year where there will no longer be any doubt that you are not alone in the Universe. As we have said before there are many ships above your world as we write this. They are not visible to your detection methods but they are there nonetheless.

While it is true that many on your world are beginning to "wake up" to their spiritual selves and to the higher good, there are still many who have not.

And as long as governments of other countries, yours in particular, continue to "stir the pot" as it were for their own gain, in other lands, there will be war on your planet. This is because the governments have been replaced by corporations as has the military of many lands including your own. As this vessel is well aware of, corporations are formed out of nothing but greed. There is never "enough" for these entities as has been well demonstrated in the "financial crisis" so bandied about by your news media. As long as these entities control your world, we will stand by for intervention as needed.

Our interventions are of different types as we mentioned above and before of our intervention in your recent election. Our intervention was more of a prevention in that we did not allow the corruption of the past two elections to proceed in this one. Oh indeed, there were many things already in place to destroy the election of your President Obama. We could not allow that as he is very important to the Awakening of this planet.

And so, you ask, why did we not intervene in the last elections? Would it not have saved many lives? Indeed we say to you that it is not our regular policy to intervene in the worlds of others. It is true that many lives have been lost from an un-neccesary war and a "staged" terrorist attack on your country. We took great conversations among ourselves as to whether or not we would allow those things to take place. Know that it was finally decided (along with communication with the One Source) that these things must be allowed to progress as they were the catalyst to bring about the change that is beginning to occur on your world.

While we grieve with you the loss of so many innocents on your planet, know too that this was part of their contract for this lifetime. They have given the greatest sacrifice to your world in that they have helped to advance a desire for peace and harmony and spiritual attunement unlike any that has been seen before on your planet.

There are still many things to come out in your media about the attack on your city of New York. Much will come out to clarify what really happened and this will indeed spur many more to seek peace and another way of life. It is the beginning of the end for corporate control of your countries. Your people will decide that they have had enough and will usher in a new way of life and a new world.

Much has been written of the problems and earth changes that will occur around 2012. While there will still be things that occur because your planet is also a living breathing organism that needs to cleanse herself, because of the changing spirituality and the awakening of so many people, they will be reduced from what many originally said would happen.

Many of your people have already begun the shift in thinking and have "shifted" where they are choosing to live. As we have already said, the corporate way of life will soon be non-existent and many will return to the simpler way that existed before. Many will move to more rural settings and grow their own food. Many will find a way to grow food in a city setting and will begin to live more simply.

There are many new diseases that are coming up now in your population because of the processed and chemically treated "food" that you eat. Crops have been genetically modified with animal genes. This is not the way of nature and your bodies are beginning to feel the strain. Also, your planet Earth is feeling the strain of chemicals loaded into her soil to the point where she can no longer nurture her children.

Many of you are becoming aware of these problems and are looking for solutions and indeed will find them in the next several years. You will begin to turn disease around, especially auto-immune disease which is the fastest growing disease. You will indeed uncover the links between the chemicals and poisons in your food and will put a ban on using them. Your food will go back to its natural state and you will become healthier.

Many of you are feeling that your lives are in turmoil and this is because of the coming Shift, the Awakening. Time is speeding up on your world (have you not thought so?) and in this coming age you will be more spiritually attuned to Source. This means that much of the "junk" that you need to deal with from past-lives and from this life is now coming to the forefront and hitting you "smack" in the face! Old thoughts and blockages are coming up in an ever increasing manner and demanding that you deal with them. This is to prepare you for the Awakening, indeed, this IS the Awakening.

This is the time for your to process all of the old negative thinking that holds you back from living the life you were destined to live. So many of you are just "biding time" until something happens.

What? What is it you are waiting for? To die? Many of your earth religions have told you that your reward lies somewhere else and you won't get to it until you die. While it is true that life on the other side is incredibly beautiful, you were not meant to wait for that. You were intended to live a beautiful life here. Many of you are working at jobs that pay the bills (and sometimes don't even do that!) but give you no joy and you are too tired when you get home to do what does bring you joy. How many of you read, or garden, or sew, or make crafts, or furniture, or volunteer or any of the other thousands of things you want to do that you ENJOY? Not many, we would venture to say. You feel that this is what life was meant to be.

Oh dear children, it is not! You were meant to use those talents and gifts of the things that you enjoy to create your life and your living! As the Shift continues, you will be drawn to doing that which you love instead of that which enslaves you. Ask for our help. Your guides and angels are here to help you find out where you have gone wrong on your path and to get back to it. It may get darker before you get to the dawn but be assured that the dawn is coming. This is the beginning of a new world for you and we are here to help and to watch with wonder as you discover and un-cover your path to Source.

This is the time of Awakening! Enjoy!

Apparently they weren't quite finished. Here are some thoughts on resolutions as well:

Greetings to you dear beloveds!

Here it is the ending of one year and the beginning of another. What will the coming year hold for you? Will it hold love and abundance and something magical or more of the same? What we mean when we say "more of the same" is that we know that you have all been affected by the "economic crisis" that is being perpetuated in the media. We are not saying that many of you have not had something negative financially happen to you but we are saying that there is so much fear out there and belief that you cannot have something more, that many of you believe it and so are falling into the trap of "not enough".

This is a time for making resolutions in your world. We say to you, do not focus on what you do not have when making your resolution. So many of you say, "my resolution is to lose weight because I am too fat!" or "I don't exercise enough, I need to do more." "I don't have enough money" and so on. We say to you that in making your resolutions say them as if you were creating an affirmation, which in fact you are. Resolutions are affirmations of what you want your life to be like in the coming year. Many of you make them with the idea in the back of your mind that you will not follow through on them anyway.

What we say to you now that in this coming year, think about what it is that you truly want your life to be. Do not just make a light comment about a resolution that you know you will break. Truly decide what you want in your life and then make positive affirmations that you will have just those things in the coming year. If you desire a slimmer body, first make sure about the reason you want it. Is it for your health or because "someone else" says that you must be thinner in order to be acceptable to society? If it is for your health then state positively, "I intend to have a slimmer, healthier body this year!" "I now eat healthier and exercise because it makes me feel good!" If you think you must be thinner to be accepted then we say to you that your problem is not your weight but how you feel about yourself and that is the resolution you should make. "I intend to see myself as the perfect, divine creation that I truly am." "I am a Child of God and am created perfectly."

Do you want more money? Know then that the money is being sent to you as soon as you ask for it but you must be in a state to receive it. "I am grateful for what I have and for all that is still coming to me." "I have more than enough money for everything I need or want."

Do you want your life to be better? "My life is full of magic and miracles." "All is well in my world." What about a better job? "Thank you for my divine work." "I am grateful that I am working at something I love."

But, you may say to us, I am NOT working at my desired job and I do not have money coming in! Affirmations and statements to Source must be positive and preferably in the present tense to have the most power. When you qualify your statements, you put a bit of the negative back in to them and any negativity can keep you from being in the perfect receptive state. If your mind will not acclimate itself to the positive present tense then you may say something like, "Every day I am getting closer and closer to my perfect job." This will qualify it somewhat for your mind but does not have a negative feel to it.

We have resolutions too. We resolve to assist you in making your perfect life. It is the purpose that we are here for. We, your guides and angels, stand ready to help you at every turn when you ask for our help. We will not tell you what you should do but we will help to guide you in your decision. We will help to provide clarity so that you can make the decision that is for your highest good.


As we mentioned above, we are unfortunately suspending classes for the moment. I am still working on the Psychic Development class and I hope to have that going by February.

I am still reading at Blue Eagle every Wednesday from 1-5 and on the last Sunday of every month for their monthly Psychic Fair from 1-5. Readings on Wednesdays are $45 for 30 minutes and $75 for 60 minutes. Readings at the Psychic Fair are $20 for 20 minutes.

Rudy is still doing healing work and is doing distance healing as well. I am still doing private readings from home both on the phone (those are taped for you) and by e-mail. My private readings are $55 for 1/2 hour and $75 for 50 minutes. My medium readings are only for 50 minutes. One question by e-mail is $20.

If you have any questions you can contact us for more information. We would also love to hear from you if any of you have any "hits" on what we should be doing or how we can clear our blocks.

We are also interested in what you want to learn. Let us know.

Check out our blog as we will update that as we go along.

As always, we appreciate you reading this and we sincerely hope that you receive the message of love and hope that is intended.

Blessings to you in the coming year!

Love, Donna and Rudy