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Rudy and I wish for you all a wonderful holiday season filled with Love and Light. It is a very sacred time of the year for all no matter what religion or spiritual path you follow. May you all have numerous blessings and find Peace and Prosperity and a personal relationship with your own guides and angels. They are standing by, ready to help, if you just ask. Let us all work together in the coming season for Peace. No matter what our differences, I think we can all agree that it is time.

In the spirit of things, I asked Malachi to speak about what was most important for us at this time of the year. This is their reply.

Greetings to you Dear Little Ones,

We would wish to speak to you at this time of your year about gratitude, love and peace. We know that in your country and indeed in your world there is a “financial crisis” going on right now. We use quotation marks because that is what your papers and news media call it and indeed, your governments call it that but what is the real crisis? The real crisis is that in your world there is always a feeling of “not enough” to go around. There is not enough money, or resources or jobs. There is not enough for me to have mine and for you to have yours as well. There is simply not enough to go around. This is not true but it is a belief that is perpetuated by those who are in charge of your country and by the media. You are saturated every day with stories of bailouts and financial failures and people losing their homes and jobs because there is not enough to go around. Oh, beloved children, please know that there is more than enough for all of you. The One Source can do nothing but give to you and has done nothing but that. The real crisis is fear and greed and lack of gratitude for what you already have. When you are in a feeling of “not enough” you cannot be in a feeling of gratitude because you are in a place of fear and lack. When you want not only what your share is but what your neighbor’s share is because you feel that yours is not enough, then you are in a place of fear and greed. You are afraid that yours will not be enough for you to live with and so you must take what is not yours. This place of greed keeps you from feeling gratitude for what Source has so bountifully given you. When you cannot feel gratitude for what you already have then you cannot receive any more. You have not opened to Source to receive any more. When you do not receive any more, you begin to believe that there is not enough. Do you not see how this is a vicious circle? When you begin to appreciate what you already have, then you open your vibration to receive more. When you receive more and express gratitude for that, you continue to receive more. This is the way the Universe works. You must be in a place of gratitude and appreciation for all the good that you have been given already in order to receive more. This does not only apply to money but it applies to peace and love as well. We know that on your planet this time coming up is a time of very sacred holidays to you. The first one coming up is Thanksgiving in your country. You talk about giving thanks for all that you have but do you really do that? Many problems occur on Thanksgiving among families. There are fights and even worse hurts that occur on this day. Many people come together and all they can think about is what they do not have that someone else does. There is not enough food, there is not a big enough TV to watch the games on, there is not enough love to go around because Mom likes him best and on and on it goes until someone explodes in anger and pain. We would say to you that Thanksgiving is not just one day a year. It is an attitude that needs to happen every moment of every day in your year. Thanksgiving is a state of mind that you should find yourself in all the time. When you find yourself in thanksgiving for everything that you have, you will find that you have more of everything. The holiday season that comes up in December is supposed to be the season of love and peace. Cards and signs everywhere say “Peace on Earth” but can there be peace on earth when you continue to believe that there is not enough for everyone on this planet? Countries go to war over resources and land and strategic positions because they feel that there is not enough to go around and that they must be the first to get “it”. They must have the oil or the minerals or the gems or the land because “someone” else is out to get them first. They have politicians and scientists who point out that your world’s resources are limited so we have to take them before they run out. They have to have them because they are the best ones to have them. It is their “God-given right” to have them because only that country is blessed by God. It does not matter which country you think we are speaking about because all of your countries do the same thing. “They” believe that they are blessed by God and that the other country or people or “enemy” is not and so they feel justified in what they do. This has been the reason for war on your planet since the beginning of time. We are here to say to you that there is more than enough of everything on your world for you all to have in abundance even more than you can imagine . Even if some of your natural resources seem to be running out, there are more of different kinds of resources to be used and some have yet to be discovered. It is time for gratitude to be the most prevalent emotion and not fear. As each of you begins to be grateful for what you have, the love that you have, the material things that you already have, you will receive more. This will result in a feeling of peace and prosperity in your own life. As you become more prosperous, others will ask what you are doing. They will want to know what is making your life so wonderful. They will want the peace that you have. Share with them your gratitude and love. Share with them the things that you do to achieve prosperity in all things in your life. As gratitude spreads, so will prosperity and peace. One person sharing with another and another and another until all feel gratitude and love. Imagine a world filled with gratitude and prosperity. True prosperity is having spiritual, mental and material abundance. It is not just having money or things. Imagine a world filled with enough to go around. Imagine a world filled with food and water and shelter for everyone. Imagine a world where consciousness and vibration is raised and all live within the vibration of Love and Peace. It can be done. Your country has elected a new President who promises change. He is blessed with higher wisdom and guidance but he cannot do it alone. Each and every one of you must want change as well. Each and every one of you must change your own way of thinking and your own life before you can change the world. Indeed, living change in your own life is the only thing that will change the world. Begin showing gratitude for what you have and you will see that your life will change. You will have more of what you want. You will have more money, or a better house or a job that brings you joy or a more loving home life. But the most important thing is to be grateful for the love that you already have; the love of family and friends and indeed, the love of Spirit for you. You are all Divine Beings and part of the Divine Source from which all things are made. You all have many guides and angels that stand by ready to help you in life. They are here to bring you joy and love if you will let them in. They are here to help you find again the love that Spirit has for you. The more that you are grateful for the love that you do have, the more love you will receive. The more love you receive, the more love you can give. The more love that you give the more the world changes. So you see, dear ones, gratitude is the most important thing that you can do for yourself and others during this holiday season. It is the thing that will change the world. It is the thing that will bring Peace on Earth and Thanksgiving every day. The One Source loves you more than anything and gives all that there is to give. There is more than enough of everything to go around; Source has seen to that. And the more that you wish for the more that is created. Do not let the stories of lack and financial ruin create fear in your hearts. Be grateful for what you have and more will follow. Trust in Source that you are taken care of and do not let the doomsayers affect your soul. You are loved and you are blessed. The simple thing of saying “thank you” every day and meaning it will be the thing that changes the world. Try saying thank you for at least five things every day before going to bed. Go to sleep with the feeling of gratitude in your heart. You will begin to see wondrous changes in your life. When you can achieve wondrous change in your life, there will be wondrous change in the world. Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards All Beings. We are complete. Malachi, November 2008.


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The holiday season is filled with lots of get-togethers with family and friends. What should be a happy and festive time for all is filled with resentment and anger for many. Old hurts and wounds come back to haunt us and spoil the precious time we have with our loved ones. This season, learn how to forgive yourself and others and open up a whole new world of love and compassion that will have you enjoying the holidays as never before. Donna Watkins, CHt. gives you practical guides for learning to forgive so that you can live a more peaceful and loving life.

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On a personal note:

As many of you know, Rudy and I have always dreamed of having our own metaphysical bookstore. We envision it to be a place where all paths are honored and where all are welcome. It will be more than a store, it will be a gathering place for all who seek, providing the best in spiritual tools, books and classes to help you along your path.

We strongly feel that we are being led to open the store in the next several months and have been preparing to do that but we have hit a roadblock in the financing and are unable to obtain traditional financing at this time. We know that Source provides and that we do not always know how or when and it does not always come in the way we think so we are putting it out to the Universe and our loving friends and community. If you or anyone you know is willing to help, we are looking for investors for the store. We have a business plan that is available for review for serious investors. Any amount will help and we will work out a repayment plan. At a minimum we would need about $50,000 to open. We are eternally grateful for being given the gift of doing work that we love and for having such good friends. We ask that you all pray for a most benevolent outcome for us and the store. If you are interested in investing, please call Donna or Rudy at 505-897-1715.

Blessings to All and Thank You for Reading.

Donna and Rudy Watkins