What's Happening???

Awakenings Metaphysical Bookshop and Spiritual Center is happening!!!!

It has been quite a while since we sent out a newsletter and I wanted to let you all know what has been happening with us.

In case you haven't been on the website lately, Rudy and I are finally realizing our dream of opening our own metaphysical bookshop and spiritual center! It is going to be called Awakenings and will be located at 1111 Alameda Blvd. NW, Suite E, Albuquerque, NM 87114.

We were hoping to open the first week in August but that has been delayed due to some interior renovations that we need to do. When we first looked at the space it had furniture in it. After we signed the lease and picked up the key and got a good look without the furniture, we realized that the flow was not as good as we had originally thought and we needed to take out some walls. After some delays in respect to inspections, permits, etc., we hope to start taking down the walls this weekend and once those are down and we have patched where we need to, we can start painting. We may still open in August (hopefully) but probably not until the end of August.

For any of you who would like to help, we will be announcing a painting party at some point after the walls come down and the electrical inspection is done. You can call the store at 505-312-7316 to talk to us or leave a message if you would like to help.

We will also be having a meeting at some point for those who are interested in doing readings on a regular basis at the store or who would like to teach classes. We have several people interested already-we apologize for the delay in opening. We will get there soon enough.

This has been a big lesson in letting go and having patience for us-letting all work in Divine time and in Divine order. Although I have been planning this for weeks, it seems that the Universe had other plans and I must defer to those.

We intend for Awakenings to be more than a bookshop. We intend for it to be a spiritual community where people of all paths come together to teach and learn from each other. We want people to feel welcome and at peace when they walk through the door. We are starting small but intend to grow and bring in more wonderful books, gifts, tools for growth, etc., as the months go along. It is also our intention to not only feature gifted people from right here but to bring in authors, speakers, artists and more from all over-anyone who can teach and serve us on the path to Awakening.

We will have wonderful classes on connecting to loved ones on the other side, a psychic development series, past-life workshops, group channeling events, healing, astrology, tarot and more. We will also be holding some group events like a bereavement group and a group to discuss "conspiracy and strange events." If you like the magazines Nexus and Atlantis Rising, you will like this group.

We will be offering an "I'm Awake" club card for $10 that gives you 10% off anything including classes for one year from the date of purchase.

Please hang in there with us as we go through changes in preparation for our opening. We will keep you all posted as we go along. We will also be keeping up the newsletter but we may change the name-we're not sure. We want the newsletter to provide info about the store and our events but we also want to continue to provide information from our guides and angels.

You can follow us on Facebook. We would appreciate it if you "like" us and if you would tell your friends to "like" us too (it seemed easier when you were a "fan" instead of "liking" something but I don't control Facebook).

Awakenings Bookshop and Center

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New Feature


This is going to be a regular feature in our newsletter. We want to give you the opportunity to ask a question of either Donna or Dr. Rudy about anything. It could be of a personal nature, or a question about a departed loved one, or about channeling or healing. Maybe you want to know what the best Feng Shui cure is for prosperity or relationships. Perhaps you would like to know how Dr. Rudy does his distance healings or how the Egyptian Healing Rods work. This might be the chance to get a mini-reading on a question that you have been having. These questions will be answered free of charge but they will only be answered in the newsletter. If we get enough questions, we may go to publishing the newsletter twice a month instead of once. These will not be in-depth readings and they will be published so don't ask anything that you don't want someone else to know. We will not supply answers to you personally. If you want a personal reading, we are still available for those. We ask that you don't ask anything of a pornographic nature or anything that is a slur against anyone else or their beliefs. We will also publish your name and location unless you tell us that you only want initials published. We are looking for legitimate questions and preferably something that would be of interest to someone else. It may be that others share the same question as you do and by asking it, you may be helping others who have the same concern.

How to submit questions

If you would like to submit a question for the newsletter, please go here. and as always, thank you.


Dr. Rudy is now offering energy healing at a distance. That's right, if you are not in Albuquerque or have a loved one who doesn't live here, you can now get a very powerful and loving healing session from him. He has amazing healing energy that flows through him from his guides which include Archangel Raphael, a light being named Helios and the Christ Healing Energy. He is connected to a guide that worked with Edgar Cayce as well in his healing work. His connection to these energies allows him to scan and direct energy from a distance in a very accurate way.

One thing that he would like to remind you of is that sometimes healing does not come in the way that you think it will or even the way that you would prefer. Sometimes, the illness is not cured but you receive the benefit of love and understanding that whatever occurs has happened for your own highest good.


Dr. Rudy is also offering powerful vibrational sessions to help raise your personal vibration and increase and activate higher DNA to facilitate Ascension. In order to ascend, we must be on a higher vibrational level and his work can help you become a multi-dimensional being with increased health and intuitive connections. You will experience a more vibrant life and the ability to manifest easier and quicker than before. This will help you align with the higher frequencies coming into our world now and in the next few years.


Dr. Rudy is a gifted healer who uses many types of energy and vibrational methods in his work. In addition to the powerful channeled energy of his guides, he is a certified Egyptian Healing Rod practitioner and distributor and he is also a certified Acutonics practitioner.

If you would like to experience the benefits of Acupuncture but are not sure about the needles, then ask him about Acutonics-Acupuncture without needles!

Dr. Rudy also uses Feng Shui to help benefit your life and healing. In traditional Oriental Medicine, Feng Shui was the first tool of the practitioner in healing. If the energy of your surroundings is not healthy than it is impossible for your personal energy to be healthy. Find out what it feels like to have your life in balance with Feng Shui and energy work.


This is a face-lift without surgery! Experience amazing results! Look younger without dangerous drugs, poisons (remember, Botox is botulism and botulism can KILL you)or risky surgery. The facial acupuncture course of treatment not only helps dissolve wrinkles and lines and tightens the skin of the face but helps the overall health of your entire body as well. Just a short series of treatments are required for full benefit and you will see results long before your last treatment and the results last for months! Not to mention that it's a whole lot cheaper than surgery and facial surgery doesn't do anything for the rest of you.

If you are interested in having a session with Dr. Rudy, either in person or at a distance, please call 505-933-3943 or use this contact form.


Don't you just love a place where you can kick off your shoes and talk with your closest friends about anything?

Well, that's the Family Room!

There are many little conversations going on that we invite you to join in on; everything from great books to stories about ghosts to discussions on healing.

The Family Room is the place where you can share your story with us or ask a question. We would love to hear from you. We know that you all have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Maybe you have a technique that you use for meditation or a business or a practice that you would like to share. Most anything and everything is welcome here.

Kick off your shoes and come on in... if you don't find something you want to talk about just let us know and we'll set aside a little corner just for you.

There is a new page from Keri Miller of Albuquerque about her wonderful healing work. Go to our website under The Family Room under Energy Healing to read about her.


I have received the Violet Wave Meditation from Archangel Raziel. It is my charge and my delight to present this to you know. It has been written in a form that you can record yourself in your own voice. I am also hoping to have an mp3 recording soon which can be downloaded from our site.

This meditation is very important as I have been informed that only those who have been prepared physically by raising their vibration will be able to Ascend during the Shift. This does not mean that we will die but our bodies will be transformed vibrationally. The Violet Wave must be received and assimilated so that we will be able to receive the White Wave which is the new Christ Consciousness.

Go to the Violet Wave of Ascension.

You can also keep track of things on our blog.


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