The Pandora Phenomenon-Got Connections?

Have you heard about the "Pandora Phenomenon"? Are you suffering from the "Avatar Blues?"

It has been all over the news lately; people coming down with with the "Avatar Blues" or the "Na'vi Blues."

Calling it "The Pandora Phenomenon", CNN, MSNBC and other news stations are reporting that after seeing the movie Avatar many people are reporting a depression related to the movie.

For those who have not seen the movie, it takes place on a world called Pandora where the native people, the Na'vi, are all connected to each other, to the planet and even to their deity, Eywa. The connection is made by means of some strands of a material similar in appearance to "fiber-optics" which extend from the long braid of hair that each Na'vi has. These strands are able to intertwine with the strands of other Na'vi and even of animals and plants on their world. This gives them an instant connection, a "oneness", and they are immediately part of the world surrounding them and the collective mind of that world.

The Na'vi are a very spiritual people and believe that each and every thing on Pandora has a spirit. Even when they kill for food, they are always mindful of the spirit of the animal and thank it for its sacrifice of life. They exist in harmony with each other and their world, and their planet is as sacred to them as their deity. Because they are all connected, no one is lacking for anything, as they realize that what is good for one is good for all and conversely, what is bad for one is bad for them as a whole. They exist in perfect peace until the Earth military (and it's corporate sponsers) come in to mine "unobtanium", a mineral that is the most expensive material in the universe, and that exists in plentiful amounts on Pandora. Unfortunately, the land must be destroyed to mine it and this of course, upsets the balance, and the evil of greed and corporate irresponsibility is released upon an unsuspecting and trusting world.

It is an amazing movie, not only for its special effects, but for the message it contains. Yes, it is political in nature in many respects but I am talking about the spiritual message-the one that is causing viewers to become depressed. On Pandora, everyone is connected to everyone else. Their phrase for connection is "I see you." meaning that they can see into the very soul of another and make a connection deeper than anything on the physical or emotional level.

The "Avatar Blues" are a result of one basic thing: people want to connect to something greater than themselves like the Na'vi and are depressed because they feel that Pandora offers something that Earth does not.

An administrator for an Avatar online forum said this, "...I can understand why it made people depressed. The movie was so beautiful and it showed something we don't have here on Earth. I think people saw we could be living in a completely different world and that caused them to be depressed." A forum member said this, "When I woke up this morning after watching Avatar for the first time yesterday, the world seemed...gray. It was like my whole life, everything I've done and worked for, lost its meaning...I live in a dying world."

Over and over the sentiment is that they wish that they could be connected to each other and to the world and to something spiritual in their life and they feel lost because they don't know how or even if it is possible. They feel that Pandora is paradise and the Earth is coming in a very distant second.

Reading this has really made me think about my purpose here and how I can help others to make the connection that I know does exist.

Earth is not a distant second to Pandora; Earth is Pandora. We started out very connected to this world and to each other. Our souls were born from that connection but when we choose to come here to "Earth-school" we forget where we came from and how to connect, but there is something in us that makes us long for the re-connection. My guides described it as that feeling of "having something on the tip of your tongue"; something that you are trying to remember, something that you "know" that you know but is just out of reach.

When we connect to our Higher Self or our Divine Helpers, we connect to each other as well. Carl Jung wrote that we have a "collective unconscious", an innate mental structure that encompasses the thoughts from all of humanity-past, present and future. A Course in Miracles goes even further to postulate that if you go deeply enough into my mind and deeply enough into your mind, that we share the same mind which is that of Divine Mind or "God-mind" as my guides have been calling it. Marianne Williamson clarifies this in A Return to Love by saying, "There's actually no place where God stops and you start, and no place where you stop and I start. Love is energy, an infinite continuum. Your mind extends into mine and into everyone else's."

In essence-Connection. We just need to believe that we can do it and remember or re-learn how.

Connection is much easier than we think. We may not have physical "fibers" that plug in to other things but our connectors are just as real. We have energy connectors that connect our energy to that of our helpers and guides on the other side. They are just waiting for us to ask for help in remembering who we are and that we are all a part of a much greater mind. Learning to channel is learning to connect and even more importantly; learning to listen. Our helpers are always speaking to us; we just need to get the connection right. It's like a big switchboard in the sky-some of us have gotten disconnected, some have a bad line and some have a dead battery. Channeling is awakening the spiritual self and opening up to The Realm of Spirit. There are beings that come from places like Pandora. There are light-beings and guides and angels to talk to. There are loved ones on the other side who can help us so much better with the tools they have over there than they ever could while they were here.

An Avatar is a spiritual being who takes a physical form in order to help serve and bring enlightenment to others. We are all avatars-aren't we spiritual beings who have taken on a physical form in order to serve and bring enlightenment? We have just forgotten that part of ourselves and we rarely give ourselves credit for being the Divine soul that we are.

We are One. We are connected to each other but some of us just need a little help in fixing our "plugs."

I am offering a new channeling class in March to help you get "plugged in"; we may not have connector strands exactly like the Na'vi but we definitely have our own ways to connect. Our connectors are energetic and work just as well. Come, join my class and find out how. Find out more about "The Realm of Spirit-Making the Connection" below.

You know, there is a saying here that is just like the Na'vi-you may have heard it before. Namaste-"the divine in me recognizes the divine in you." "I see you." I do, and you are beautiful.


THE REALM OF SPIRIT-Making the Connection

(Channeling-Level 1)

Saturday, March 20 Corrales


$100 with a $25 deposit required at time of registration

Call 505-897-1715 to register and get directions.

Learn to connect with your divine helpers from the Realm of Spirit and to channel messages of love and guidance for yourself and others.

During this time of great change, many people are feeling disconnected and alone. This workshop focuses on awakening your spiritual self. You will learn about the continuity of the soul and that you are not alone. You are connected to a wondrous realm of loving beings who are waiting for the chance to help you along your path.

Learn about how you receive intuitive information and how to raise vibration. Learn who you Divine Helpers are and how to connect with them and channel for yourself and others. You will receive meditations and exercises that you can take with you to continue your connection to Spirit and you WILL be channeling and in communion with your loving helpers by the end of the day.

Bring a lunch-beverages will be provided.


SPIRIT JOURNEY- A Spiritual Regression Workshop

Saturday, April 10, 2010



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Why am I here? What are my lessons-what am I supposed to learn from the experiences I have chosen? Why did I choose my parents and this time and place to be born? Who are my loving guides?

Join Donna as she conducts this fascinating "Life After Life" workshop focusing on the journey of your soul. You will discover your soul's purpose as you travel along the path from your last lifetime to the time you spent at "home" working with your loving guides to the time that you were born into your current life. You will meet your soul guide who has been with you since the beginning and will help you uncover why you are here and your ongoing spiritual purpose.

This workshop will use hypnotic spiritual regression techniques to help you make the journey of a lifetime! Your soul is immortal and this workshop will help you understand that you truly never die-this body may pass away, but the spirit that is YOU, lives on forever and has many, many experiences. You are a spiritual being currently having a human experience. Find out why!

Place to be announced depending on the amount of participants.

Most likely there will be a Channeling-Level 2 or other psychic development class in April as well-this depends on interest.

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And now our first question:

Because You Wanted to Know...

Dear Donna and Dr. Rudy,

"I don't understand why people from beyond will come into my mind's eye and give me a message. I don't think I can talk to them and usually it happens when I am in a relaxed pensive state. These "spirits" are connected to loved ones here on earth. It certainly is not something I want. I also sense evil or black essences but have always told them to go away or turn my back on them. I am trying to find answers. I am a nurse (30 years)and have been present with a lot of people's passing. Some traumatic some not.

It's crazy and I often don't tell the person to whom the message is meant but another loved one to give them the message. There have been just 3 entities that have come to me, no more. But the messages were clear. Sometimes I don't understand the message but it might make sense to the other person. What is this "gift" called?"

Vicki, Lincoln, NE

Dear Vicki,

It sounds very much like you are developing the gift of mediumship. We all have gifts of spirit but most of us have forgotten how to use them. My guides are telling me that you have had this gift for some time and that you saw "spirits" quite a bit as a child. Your gift is coming back now to allow the spirits of the departed to come to you so that you can give messages to their loved ones.

When someone dies, they usually stay around for a while in order to give comfort to their loved ones who are grieving. They are indeed drawn to the light of Home on the other side but it is very important to them to let their family and friends know that they are not gone-only transformed and that they can still have contact. They will try in many ways to make a connection-they usually try first to connect to the loved ones themselves but many times severe grief can block the reception of their contact. They will then look for an easier way and if there is someone present who has the vibrational gift of mediumship, then they will choose them to connect with.

You sound like a very loving person and so they will come to you to help them get their message of love and immortality of the soul to their loved ones. There is nothing to be frightened of as spirits cannot harm us-no matter what the TV may show.

It is true that there may be some lost souls who feel negative as they are confused and there are indeed some lower energies that are looking for the light but again, they can't hurt you. If you feel a lower energy, simply call in Archangel Michael and ask him to protect you (you should be asking him for protection anyway) and to take the entity to the Light. You can also command them to go to the Light-to take the hand of their own helper guides and angels and go on to the Light.

If this gift of mediumship is not something that you want, then ask God to take it away from you. We do have free will and we do not have to use our gifts if we choose not to but it sounds to me like you would like to be able to have more control over it. Ask for that as well. Ask God to help you control your gift and ask the Archangels for their help as well.

Archangel Azrael is the Angel of Death and he brings comfort not only to those who are grieving but to those of us who would be a bridge between the departed and those still living. He helps us with vibration and also with what to say to the living. I am sending him now to you, don't be afraid, he is really quite gentle and he will help you with whatever you decide.

Blessings to you as you uncover your great gift, Donna.

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Christina Florence is a amazing Life Coach. She incorporates hypnosis, NLP and EFT into her practice. She does an incredible job of helping you clear the blocks to having the life you desire and helping you plan out that life. She is able to zero in on what is keeping you from true abundance and freeing you to achieve greatness.

She is also author of the book, The Magic of Zero. It is a great book about having abundance in all areas of your life. I know that she can help you find the magic in your own life again.

Check out Christina's website for more information about her new "Be Alive in Five" techniques and podcasts.


Walter Snyder has an wonderful voice. His use of the human voice for raising consciousness is astounding. He also teaches you how to use your voice to become more aware and awaken your spiritual gifts. Check out his website above and his schedule of classes. His gift of toning and healing with the voice will leave you wanting more!


James Oliver Cyr, MD is a very interesting man. He has compiled a great amount of information from the Ascended Masters, most especially Kuthumi. We met him last night and we hope to have some public forums with him in the future. Check out the amazing amount of information he has receive on his website by using the link above.


I have received the Violet Wave Meditation from Archangel Raziel. It is my charge and my delight to present this to you know. It has been written in a form that you can record yourself in your own voice. I am also hoping to have an mp3 recording soon which can be downloaded from our site.

This meditation is very important as I have been informed that only those who have been prepared physically by raising their vibration will be able to Ascend during the Shift. This does not mean that we will die but our bodies will be transformed vibrationally. The Violet Wave must be received and assimilated so that we will be able to receive the White Wave which is the new Christ Consciousness.

Go to the Violet Wave of Ascension.


This is a wonderful new website directed at those who are grieving and dealing with bereavement. It includes wonderful resources for books, websites, groups, etc.

If you have recently lost a loved one, this is the place to go.

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