As I was sitting here trying to write something for the newsletter, I was distracted by thoughts about my mother. As some of you know, she has been ill and in the hospital and although she has been getting better, I have a very strong feeling that it is time for me to go see her.

I had been wanting to plan a trip sometime this winter or early spring of next year but when she went into the hospital, something told me that now was the time to go.

I have known for a long time that my mother has not been happy and she has not been well for several years. I know that the illness is a result of her not being happy.

My father died in March of 2004. He passed quite suddenly of a heart attack in the night. My mother found him on the floor the next morning.

Due to my father's illness (he had Multiple Sclerosis), he had severe fatigue issues and slept a great deal during the day and was up often at night. Because he watched TV in the wee hours of the morning, my parents slept in separate rooms. My mother's bedroom was in the back of the apartment at the end of a long hallway and separated by a closet and a bathroom. When she closed her door at night, it was very difficult to hear anything in the front part of the apartment.

Needless to say, I believe that she has felt tremendous guilt over the years about not hearing anything that night. The doctor said that even if she had heard a noise it was most surely an immediate death and there was nothing she could have done for him.

On top of the guilt, she has missed him terribly and due to financial constraints (he didn't have any insurance), she has had to live a very difficult life since then.

I believe that it is time to go see her so that I can give her permission to go...that is, leave this life and move on.

Oh, the permission won't be verbal, I'm sure not gonna say, "Ok, Ma, time to go now, it's ok with me if you check out," but there is something unspoken about that in visiting her this time.

It has been over 2 years since I saw her last and I know that she misses me terribly. My mother had me very young and was unmarried in a time when that was very difficult, to say the least. She has often said that we grew up together and she thinks of me more as a friend than a daughter. My youngest daughter lives close to her and says that all she talks about is hoping to see me again before she "goes." My mother talks all the time about dying and what she wants to leave to certain people, "Ok, you get that and your sister gets that, etc."

When I got the call about my mother being in the hospital I got the overwhelming feeling that this was the time to go see her. Even though I don't want her to "go", I must surrender to her wishes and to her path and not cling to my wishes.

The day that I heard about her being in the hospital I had been doing readings at the annual Halloween psychic fair. I had done several readings for people who wanted to contact loved ones on the other side. It was Halloween, the veil was thin and people always want to know if their loved ones are ok.

I was doing a reading for a client and a woman that looked very much like my mother's mother kept coming through. I even thought to myself how much this woman looked like a picture that my mother has of my grandmother. I described her to the client and got...nothing; no recognition at all. I went on to describe others coming through and she knew each and every one of them but every time this woman came through (and she was very insistent!), the client had no recognition of her at all.

We finally ended the reading with the client saying that she would go home and ask her mother about this woman but she was just stumped-there was no one in her family that looked like her, she had never seen this particular picture that I was describing or heard anything about a woman like this.

I just couldn't get this "mystery" woman out of my head. She looked so much like my grandmother but what would she be doing in a reading for someone else? And besides, she had never appeared to me before or contacted me in any way since her passing.

That evening my sister called to tell me about my mother and I realized that it was my grandmother trying to get my attention and suddenly I broke down with the realization that if my grandmother was coming to me after all these years, it was important!

This was validated on the next day when I had a break from the readings and I was sitting trying to send healing to my Mom. Another psychic, Helen, came over and asked what was wrong because my aura was really off. I told her about my mother and that I was thinking of going to see her. She asked if she could do a healing for her and of course I said yes. We took each others hands and sent a healing blessing to my mother. Before we broke contact, Helen looked at me and said, "Just so you know, your grandmother is there with her, watching over her, and said that you should come see her. That it's time to let her know that it's ok if she wants to go; she just has to see you again."

I was floored! I hadn't told Helen about seeing my grandmother the day before in my reading but here was confirmation again that she was present. Later on in the week, on my regular reading day at Blue Eagle, I smelled my grandmother's perfume in the reading room. It is a very unique perfume and hasn't been manufactured for well over 15 years. My grandmother used to use it constantly and one of my fondest memories of her is the way her house smelled. She used the perfume, body spray, powder, etc. She used anything and everything that was produced with that scent so not only did she smell that way but it permeated everything in her home.

I loved that scent so much that when I got my first job, the very first thing that I bought myself was some of that perfume. I loved the way it smelled but unfortunately my supply ran out years ago and since it is no longer manufactured, I have had to switch to something else. My husband Rudy also smelled perfume in our bedroom; something very distinct but nothing that I used currently. That was it. Time to surrender!

So I will be going home to see my Mom next week and will be gone for a few weeks. It's a surprise for her and I think it will perk her up. I hope that it makes her want to stay but even if it is just so she can see me one more time before she "goes", I have learned something about surrender.

We get clues all the time to what we are supposed to do. We have guidance in the form of intuition-the voices inside our own heads-and also through the words and actions of those that surround us. We are sent messages in the form of lines from movies or songs. Have you ever had a few lines from a song running over and over in your head? Next time, instead of trying to do something else to stop the music, stop and ask your guides, angels, your Higher Self or God what they are trying to tell you. Listen to the guidance and the song will go away. If you don't listen, I guarantee you that song will drive you crazy until you do!

Surrender is letting go of our attachment to the outcome or the process of whatever situation we are in. If we are looking for a new job, we push and push and especially if we are not employed at the present, we apply for anything and everything even if we have been hearing a voice that said, "Great, now you can finish that book you've been working on for 10 years." If we need money, we work at jobs we hate because we believe that is the only way to make money. We don't stop long enough to hear the voice that tells us there are many other ways of bringing in money or to follow the calling of our hearts. If we can't figure out the solution ourselves, it doesn't exist!

Surrender is my biggest lesson to learn in this lifetime. Surrender is having faith that all is working in Divine order even if we can't see it or it isn't what we thought it would be. In these past several weeks I have been consumed with plans for opening a spiritual store and center. I couldn't think about anything else but that-it has always been a dream of mine. We were very close but at the last minute, things fell through. I was so angry! I had planned and sorted and phoned and worked hours on it-all for nothing! What I realize now is that if it had gone through I wouldn't be in a position to go see my mother right now. Planning vs. surrender. Which will get me what I really need at the time I need it?

Do I want my mother to feel that all she has left is death? No. But I also don't want to interfere with her path and her choice if that is indeed what is supposed to happen. What I need to do is to surrender to that which is. I need to give up my attachment to the process or to the final outcome and concede that I cannot see it or predict it or control it. I need to live in the moment-every moment with her-in complete love and surrender. Only when we surrender our control, can we really see what is meant to be.

I hope that my mother will live for another 20 or 30 years, she is relatively young after all. But, I want her to be happy and healthy and if it is her path to go, then I want her to know that I am ok with it. I know that she will continue to be around me; in fact, I'm going to hold her to it! She knows that I have a gift of seeing what is "unseen" and I want her to know that when she passes she will be able to be around me. In fact, she will probably see me more than she does now.

Will I ever have my store? I believe I will but I know now that will be in God's good time and place; not mine. When I give up control, I will have my life back. When I listen to the guidance, I will have direction. When I surrender, I will feel Love.

We will see what happens when I go back to see her. Perhaps there is more than one reason why I am being directed to go back there now. I don't know. I will take it one moment at a time and surrender to the perfection of each moment. No matter what the outcome, I will wait for that still, small voice telling me what to do next.


We have suspended classes until after the first of the year. I won't be back in town until the middle of December and by then we will be well into the holidays.

We wish for all of our dear friends and clients-all of our family-to have the most wonderful holiday season ever.

Our love and gratitude go out to each and every one of you for the blessings that you have brought to our lives.

We will be back next year with wonderful classes and meetings and who knows what other surprises!

If there is something you would like to study, please contact us and let us know. We would love to hear from you and we are always on the lookout for new class ideas.

Remember 2012 is just around the corner-the Awakening is here!


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Maybe you have a technique that you use for meditation or a business or a practice that you would like to share. Most anything and everything is welcome here.

Kick off your shoes and come on in... if you don't find something you want to talk about just let us know and we'll set aside a little corner just for you.


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James Oliver Cyr, MD is a very interesting man. He has compiled a great amount of information from the Ascended Masters, most especially Kuthumi. We met him last night and we hope to have some public forums with him in the future. Check out the amazing amount of information he has receive on his website by using the link above.


I have received the Violet Wave Meditation from Archangel Raziel. It is my charge and my delight to present this to you know. It has been written in a form that you can record yourself in your own voice. I am also hoping to have an mp3 recording soon which can be downloaded from our site.

This meditation is very important as I have been informed that only those who have been prepared physically by raising their vibration will be able to Ascend during the Shift. This does not mean that we will die but our bodies will be transformed vibrationally. The Violet Wave must be received and assimilated so that we will be able to receive the White Wave which is the new Christ Consciousness.

Go to the Violet Wave of Ascension.

COMING IN THE FUTURE We will have new classes and workshops coming in 2010. We can't wait to see you all there!

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