Welcome to the first issue of The Realm of Spirit. Thank you all for subscribing. If you like it, I would be deeply honored if you would share it with a friend. If you don't like it, please let me know why and I will try to make it better. This is written for you anyway.

Why "The Realm of Spirit"? I first heard this term when I was studying hypnosis. It was from a book by Gil Boyne, a Master Hypnotherapist and many agree, the most influential living Hypnotherapist of our time. In his book he states "The Realm of Spirit is best entered into by hypnotherapists who recognize their work as the redirecting of an invisible, indefinable spiritual energy to assist another to enter into a State of Grace. It is a commitment to the substance of things unseen but perceived through inner spiritual sensing". When I first read this passage, I immediately knew that this was where my life's path had led. I was to live and work in the Realm of Spirit and use my gifts to assist others "into a State of Grace". It is my mission to share this world with you; it is a beautiful place to be.

When I was looking for a name for my e-zine, I was told by my guides to name it "The Realm of Spirit". Even though I loved the phrase, I wasn't really looking at it as a name but now I see that I couldn't have named it anything else. As I write this, it is October, a month known for it's thinning veil between the our world and the world of Spirit. It contains my favorite holiday, Halloween. I have always loved all things from "the other side". We believe that the world of spirit is the "other side" but is it? Or is it here with us now? I began thinking "What exactly is the realm of Spirit? I know what I think it is but I thought that I would ask my guides.


Greetings to you our dear Little Ones. We are Malachi, a group of Light Beings who reside with the One Source. When we say that we reside with the One Source that is not to say that you do not. We all do and that, beloveds, is the Realm of Spirit which our channel has asked us about.

This world or realm of Spirit is the place where all of creation resides. It is the place of One Source, or Spirit, or Universal Love, or God or Allah or whatever name you hold for you particular belief of the all-encompassing source of all that is. We all live in this world of Spirit at all times but many beings do not recognize it and so stumble about in darkness.

The Realm of Spirit is that which is pure Love and Light. There is no darkness or fear, no anger or jealousy. It is the place of communion with God. It is the place where we discover who we are and what we were placed here to do. As beings of another dimension, we have been through what your world is going through and we are here to help you. We wish for you to know that when you are in this place of Spirit, you will see yourselves in a different light-indeed you will see yourselves as what you are-The Light. The Light of your world. You will see yourself in perfect harmony with all that is and will see yourselves as you were meant to be; free of fear and full of the love of One Source. You will discover your own path and begin to live that which is your highest and greatet good. The world of Spirit is a perfect world full of endless possibility and is your home. Remember that you are energy beings and as such you can move among the worlds. You can move among the Spirit world just as the physical one you move about in now. You have just forgotten how.

In the realm of Spirit you are perfect as you were when you were first created. It is only your own doubt and fear that make you imperfect creatures. You have forgotten along the way that YOU are One Source. There is no power that sits outside of yourselves wreaking havoc on your world and you must just go along with the flow. When you begin to remember who you are (and that is our purpose here, to help you remember), you will begin to raise your vibration to that of One Source and you will become the creators of the world you want. Do not doubt that you are already creating the world but is it the one you want?

We think that it is not. We see the sorrow of your world and we weep with you at the inequities found there. But, Little Ones, be assured that we are here now to assist you in raising the vibration and consciousness of all who inhabit your world so that you will be ready for the Awakening and the Ascension that is coming. Indeed, it has already begun. As you raise your vibration, you will begin to feel that you are in the Realm of Spirit and you will remember the feeling of home, for indeed, that is your home. The place of your physical world is just a "stopping over" place where you experience things that will move you along your journey home.

Note that indeed we do not call you "little ones" because you are smaller or lesser than we are but because we look at you much the same as a parent looking at a child. As is a parent, we are always amazed and filled with love as we watch you discover your path in this life. We are here to guide you but we cannot do it for you. Just as you would not live your child's life for them, we do not do this for you. Just as you watch with sadness your child stumble and get hurt occasionally, we watch with the same sadness as you stumble along your path. But again, we rejoice with the same amazement and awe as we watch you pick yourself up and start again; learning from your mistakes and becoming better for it. You are precious to us and we wish for all of you to begin communicating with your own guides and angels. We are here for you if you would like to communicate with us; we will always be available. But you should be aware and in touch with your own personal guides. There are many of us on this side waiting for you to call upon us. We are here in the realm of Spirit and invite you to join with us here.

Know now that this is the time of Awakening. This is the age of Aquarius and the time is near for the coming of the Christ Consciousness again to your world. You are being prepared to receive this vibration but it is very high and you must be aligned. We have come to assist in this Awakening. It is our purpose to help raise the vibration of those in your world and to clear out the negativity that binds you to the physical dimension to allow you to exist in higher dimensions. We will speak more of this in coming days but we are in communication with this vessel who is our channel to begin work on the Awakening Method which we will share with you. This is the time of remembering who you are and where you came from. We shall assist your return to the Realm of Spirit and to that end will you be prepared for Awakening.

We are complete. Malachi, October 24, 2008.


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Sunday November 9th 1-4 pm $50

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Blessed Be,

Donna and Rudy Watkins