The First Channeled Message
for Publication

Malachi is my personal Guide, dearest friend and Teacher. I have been receiving channeled messages from him since 2006. He is my Spirit Guide as well as the spokesperson for a group of light beings from the Pleiades. He primarily speaks to me as my personal guide but on occasion the group speaks through him. Most recently they have joined with many of my other guides to form a group called "The Collective."

This was his first message to be posted in public in 2008:

Greetings to you beloved children!

I am Malachi and I speak for a group of light beings who reside with the One Source. We have come to you at this time to bring messages of love from the other side.

We speak through this one called Donna Watkins. She has been chosen as our messenger of light and love. We speak through her in private readings and in group sessions. We also speak to her in messages such as this one which are written down. We have been with her for many years although we first contacted her with our name in the year 2006.

We are very happy to be here with you in this most important of times. As you are all aware, the year 2012 is approaching quickly and there has been much talk of what will occur at this time. We would wish to say to you that many of us from the other side are here with you now for the purposes of assisting you. This time is being called by many "The Ascension", "The Shift" , Earth Changes and many other terms.

We wish to call it "The Awakening" for it is a time of awakening among your peoples. It is a time of great spiritual expansion and knowledge. There is indeed a shift of consciousness that is occurring as well as a shift of the land masses of the earth.

There are many people who have made a contract for this life to give up their physical place in this world to make room for the shift. The very planet that you live on is a living, breathing entity with a life of her own. She is known by the name Gaia. These special souls have entered into a contract with Gaia for this life to assist her in her healing and in her physical shift as well. This is a time of awakening for her as well as for the people of your planet.

Do not be afraid, dear little ones, many of us are here to help. Many of us have experienced similar shifts on our worlds and have come here with our own contracts to assist your world.

The most exciting thing about the "Awakening" is that it is also a "rebirth". It is the time for the coming of the Christ Consciousness to your planet again for this age. It will be a time of great enlightenment and joy. A time of love and light. It is not the "end of the world" only the end of the world you know. The end of the world of fear and pain. And what a joy that will be!

We will speak again on this subject but know you this now also. Have you not noticed the amazing number of children being born in this last year and this one? They are the "star children." They are divine beings incarnating at this time to help you in the "Awakening." They are coming in even as others of you go on to the other side. They are raising the vibration of your planet with their holy presence. They will come in with a "knowing" that will amaze and astound you. They are old souls who will help to ease the way. Rejoice in their light!

We are complete. Malachi.

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