Egyptian Healing Rods

Egyptian Healing Rods are amazing energy tools based on ancient Egyptian texts. The original rods as described in the texts were made out of silver and gold. There is a Sun rod (male) and a Moon rod (female). The current rods are made out of nickel and copper. The rods are filled with crystals and a combination of other metals or stones.

There are several different sets of rods, each with a distinct function depending on the crystals they are filled with. They have been proven to lower blood pressure, increase circulation, increase lactation in nursing women and increase psychic and intuitive powers.

Dr. Rudy Watkins is the only authorized distributor in New Mexico and is also a certified practitioner. He uses the rods in a variety of different ways in both healing treatments and in spiritual development. There are several texts in ancient Egypt that describe the use of crystal filled rods to help the priests achieve higher spiritual attunement. Many ancient Egyptian statues have been found with the rods in their hands.

The use of the rods is reported by a client undergoing a past-life regression in Egypt in one of Dr. Brian Weiss' books, "Same Soul, Many Bodies". Dr. Weiss is a psychiatrist who specializes in past-life regression therapy. Prior to that session, neither he or the client had ever heard of healing rods in Egypt. He mentions that the priests had special knowledge of the use of the rods that no one else had and used them not only to heal illness but to achieve higher spiritual enlightenment and increase psychic power.

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