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Are you searching for spiritual information on how to awaken your Spiritual Self?

Are you wondering how to connect to your higher self or your spiritual guides?

Would you love to know what your life purpose is and why you chose this particular time and place?

Many of us are feeling the pull of Spirit at this time. We know that something greater than ourselves is urging us to re-connect and step out into lives of Love and Light. We feel the pull to study spiritual topics or healing or the need to connect with groups of people who feel like we do.

Awakenings endeavors to be a guiding light for all who seek their own personal way. We honor all spiritual paths and we promise to provide the very best information, classes and products to assist you on your journey. 

Our mission and vision comes from our commitment to our Creator and our life-path which is to teach others how to connect to the Realm of Spirit and to offer classes and information on Psychic and Spiritual Development, Healing and more.

We also bring you the teachings of our loving friend and guide, Malachi and other Divine Helpers as well.   Malachi has said that this urge to connect is an Awakening to our Divine selves and our push to return to "Whole-Being" as he calls it.

(or another of our loving guides and Angels):

Mid-Week Message From Malachi:

I was asking Malachi what we could do to help heal the world from all the hatred and violence that seems to be so prevalent.  He was talking about sending Love to others and how hard that is for us to do as humans.  This is just a small part of the wisdom I received this morning:

When you find it hard to truly love others it just means that you do not feel love for yourself and that is the basis of all the hurt in the world.  You must learn to forgive yourself and to love yourself.  Forgive yourself for not being able to love others and for not being able to send love to others and for not being able to send love to certain people.  As we said, this come from, and is driven by, your basic human nature because you have forgotten and become out of touch with your Divine Nature.  Forgive yourself for that and call in Love and Be Love to yourself.  Seek out your Divine Nature and have it replace your human nature.  It is like Christ on the Cross who, when he was being tortured and killed, was able to forgive those who tormented him and called in love for them.  You must do that for others but first you must do it for yourself.    You talk about the “Haters” out there; those who make it their life’s work to hurt other people but how much hating have you done on yourself today so far?  How many times did you look in the mirror and only see your flaws?  How many times have you called yourself a name or said how stupid you are?  How many times have you felt badly about the work you do or that you are not working?  What terrible things have you said or thought about yourself so far today?  Or yesterday? Or the day Before?  Only when you can look in the mirror and truly love the person that is standing there can you begin to love others.  Only when you stop talking about whatever you dislike about yourself can you truly stop talking about others.  Only when you truly love yourself can you truly love another.  We are not talking about vanity because that is false love.  Vanity is really self-hatred that comes out in the form or overwhelming and inappropriate self-importance.  Vanity is pumping yourself up in front of others because you secretly believe that you are less than they are and that if you don’t say how wonderful you are then they will see you for who you really are: a worthless, useless, piece of trash that no one could ever love.  We are talking about loving yourself as you are right now-not how you will be when you lose the weight or when you get your plastic surgery or when you start working out regularly or when you get that red sports car.  We are talking about accepting yourself and the glory and the beauty that is YOU.  YOU are unique; there is no one in all the world like you.  You are a Divine Being made with a spark from the Creative Energy that is God.  You are a beautiful soul and you need to recognize and celebrate that.  And you need to understand that it is only the false beliefs about yourself that you have grown up with in this world that keep you from recognizing God within you.  Love is understanding the false beliefs that others have grown up with as well which has made them who they are-or rather, who they think they are.  They live their lives according to what they believe about who they are.  They hurt and hate and kill because of who they believe themselves to be and because they are detached from the Divine Being within.  In order to show someone else who they are you must first know and show who YOU really are.  You must recognize, accept and show your Divine Being to the world.  As Marianne Williamson said, “Your playing small serves no one.”  The Bible also said, “Do not hide your Light under a bushel but let your Light shine so that others can see.”  The way that you change the world is by changing yourself first.  You must believe that you are the most important thing in your world and treat yourself accordingly.  That isn’t vanity; that is the truth.  You must see yourself as a Divine Being and as pure Love.  When you are Love you will reflect Love out into the world.  When you are accepting of yourself and who you truly are then you will be able to help others accept who they truly are as well.  When you can see yourself with the eyes of Love then you can see others that way as well.  The problem with your world-with the hate and violence-is that you all see yourselves as separate from one another and separate from God.  You do not see the Divine in each other because you do not see it within yourself.  Your relationship with the Creator doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else.  It doesn’t have anything to do with your community or your religious beliefs or who you associate with.  It has nothing to do with the religious, economic or racial labels that you put on yourself.  Your relationship to the Divine is completely your own and separate from everything else.  When you try to put a label on it, then you destroy the relationship because it is no longer honest.  Hatred and anger come from fear and fear comes from a lack of connection to God.  You may think that you have a connection because you go to church or you believe certain things in a holy book but that is a false connection.  You have looked to someone else to tell you what you should believe about God and your connection to Him.  You must spend time looking for that connection yourself.  Take away all the things that you think you are supposed to believe and just talk to God yourself.  Pray only to experience God’s true Divine Love in your own life.  Pray only for yourself to find true Love and feel it for yourself. When you find the love of God and your connection to the Divine within you, you will know yourself for the Divine Being that you truly are.  You will not need to fear those who are not “like you” because you will finally feel the connection between you and you will see that you are all the same.  You will become aware that you were walking a path that was set by others because you saw yourself reflected in their eyes instead of the eyes of God.   You will see that everyone is a Divine Being and you will understand how they could have forgotten that and been walking a path that is not theirs because you forgot that yourself.  When you can see yourself with the eyes of Love then you can begin to see others with that Love.  And when you begin to see another with the eyes of Love, then they can begin to see themselves that way. Namaste is a word that roughly means “The Divine in Me Recognizes the Divine in You.”  Many people say that but few really feel it when they say it.  When you can truly see yourself as the Divine Being that you are then you can truly see others as Divine Beings and treat them as such.  And when they can see themselves as a Divine Being then they can reflect that to those that they come into contact with and it will spread.  And that is how the world will heal; by One Divine Being at a time. 

-Malachi-September 21, 2016

Our friend, teacher and loving guide Malachi says, "We are One people, One Spirit, One Source".

Universal Life Church, ULC, We Are All Children Of the Same Universe

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