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To Our Followers and Supporters:

I have had a notice here about what has gone on with Rudy's health since August.  We are blessed in that he is walking now with the aid of a walker for short distances. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Our lives have been turned upside down since his cancer diagnosis, including our finances.  Rudy was our sole source of income and he can no longer work.  Due to that, it is with great sadness that we have made the decision to discontinue this website as we can no longer afford to maintain it.  This website will be up through December 15.  We will maintain a presence after that on our two Wordpress blogs: on which we will continue along the same thread as this website and where you can find me for Intuitive Readings, information about essential oils and hopefully, hypnosis sessions on Skype.

and on which we will talk about health and wellness.  We will also be sharing the great products and opportunity that Youngevity offers because Rudy's progress so far is because of the nutritional support he is getting from Youngevity's amazing products!  He is doing a protocol of the basic 90 for Life along with nutritional supplements that specifically target his immune system and help to fight cancer.  We are so grateful that these products exist and we would love to share them with you all to help with your own health and wellness issues. 

For more information on Youngevity, you can check out Rudy's website at and you can also go on YouTube and check out videos from our founder Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Peter Glidden, who works with Youngevity products in his Naturopathic practice.  Dr. Glidden has very popular videos about nutrition and wellness and avoiding toxic drugs for illness.  He works with and highly recommends Youngevity products as the best nutritional supplements on the market and he has quite a few protocols (as does Dr. Wallach) on treating various diseases/illnesses with nutrition as opposed to drugs.

Since Rudy can no longer work, our finances have taken a big hit.  If you would still like to donate to our GoFundMe for medical and living expenses, here is the link:

Rudy and Donna Watkins Medical Fund

If you cannot help monetarily, we understand completely and ask for your prayers and healing thoughts which help immensely.

We just want to thank you for your support and love and interest in this website over the years and we look forward to connecting with you on our blogs.  Love and Blessings to You All!

Are you searching for spiritual information on how to awaken your Spiritual Self?

Are you wondering how to connect to your higher self or your spiritual guides?

Would you love to know what your life purpose is and why you chose this particular time and place?

Many of us are feeling the pull of Spirit at this time. We know that something greater than ourselves is urging us to re-connect and step out into lives of Love and Light. We feel the pull to study spiritual topics or healing or the need to connect with groups of people who feel like we do.

Awakenings endeavors to be a guiding light for all who seek their own personal way. We honor all spiritual paths and we promise to provide the very best information, classes and products to assist you on your journey. 

Our mission and vision comes from our commitment to our Creator and our life-path which is to teach others how to connect to the Realm of Spirit and to offer classes and information on Psychic and Spiritual Development, Healing and more.

We also bring you the teachings of our loving friend and guide, Malachi and other Divine Helpers as well.   Malachi has said that this urge to connect is an Awakening to our Divine selves and our push to return to "Whole-Being" as he calls it.

(or another of our loving guides and Angels):

From March 2016-Qwan Yin:

A place of love and peace must first be found in your heart.  You must learn to be content with what you have at this particular moment in time.  That is not the same as settling for something and not wanting something else.  You confuse those two things.  Contentment means that you are happy with your circumstances and are at peace at the moment.  It does not mean that you cannot want something more.  It is recognizing and accepting your circumstances in the moment and finding peace within those circumstances.  Contentment is appreciation of where you are and how you got there and the understanding and knowing that you are exactly in the right place at the right time and being ok with that. 

It does not mean that you cannot anticipate or desire to be in a different place or circumstances but you do not need to see them as better places or circumstances.  To see them as “better” implies a dissatisfaction with the moment and that is not what you want.  You want to be able to appreciate, to truly appreciate, where you are in any given moment.  Contentment is appreciation and being ok with where you are now.  As you learn to appreciate the now, you will change your vibration and that which you dream of will become reality. 

We spoke before of the emotional heart being the creative center of your being.  It is of utmost importance in having the life you want.  You must be content with the life you have first.  You must be appreciative.  You must be in that vibration of contentment of circumstances.  You must be able to think to yourself and completely mean it, “I am completely happy and content in this place at this moment.”  When you find the true joy of contentment at being where you are then your dreams of something different will be obtained.  This may sound like a contradiction but it is not. 

All creation comes out of a desire for something different.  You may think of it as something better but it is more desirous to think of it as an Enhancement of what you have currently.  “Better” implies that what you have is not good enough and when you think in terms of not good enough you fall into the trap of negative vibration.  If you think in terms of enhancing something you recognize that it is good but with this “enhancement” it could be so much more.  If you do not learn how to appreciate what you have, and by that I mean, that if you do not find the vibration of appreciation and contentment then you cannot find the vibration of enhancement. 

You need to know what it feels like to be content and happy in your current situation in order to have what would be an enhancement of your current situation.  When you always think that things have not turned out the way you wanted them to and see only that, you are always in a negative vibration.  You must think and truly feel that where you are is exactly where you should be and not only that, exactly where you intended to be.  Intent is most important in feeling the proper vibration. 

It is time to step out of the past.  You can look back through your whole lifetime and see all the “mistakes” that you have made.  In fact, you do that quit a bit.  But you need to stop living in the past.  You must learn to live in the present and to find the joy and happiness everyday in where you currently are and what you currently are doing.  Intend that every day you will be joyful and content.  Continue to picture what you feel would be an enhancement to your life and the joy that that would bring but feel joy and true gratitude for where you are right now.  Feel joy and gratitude as well for what you have been through that has brought you here. 

It is like that saying that you saw on Facebook.  “My record of getting through bad days is 100%!”  That is a wonderful thing!  When you show gratitude and contentment for where you are in the moment, you will find that even in your “bad” days there was indeed some good.  Every day has good in it and you must learn to find and accept and be grateful for the good in that day and be content that you were able to experience all that the day brought you. 

That does not mean that you will never be sad when you lose a loved one or some tragedy occurs that saddens you but it means that you will not put sole importance on the “awful” thing that happened.  You will mourn as you are meant to but you will not dwell in that vibration of sadness and allow it to take you to a darker place.  The vibration of sadness itself is not a terrible vibration but when you allow it to turn into despair, it becomes terrible.  Even in the sadness of losing a love one you should be able to find the joy in knowing that they have simply gone home and that you may still enjoy their presence-just in a different form. 

There is always some joy or gratitude or contentment to be found.  When you can find this in any situation then you live in the vibration of contentment and gratitude and then all things that you dream of are possible.

Our friend, teacher and loving guide Malachi says, "We are One people, One Spirit, One Source".

Universal Life Church, ULC, We Are All Children Of the Same Universe

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