Are you searching for spiritual information on how to awaken your Spiritual Self?

Are you wondering how to connect to your higher self or your spiritual guides?

Would you love to know what your life purpose is and why you chose this particular time and place?

Many of us are feeling the pull of Spirit at this time. We know that something greater than ourselves is urging us to re-connect and step out into lives of Love and Light. We feel the pull to study spiritual topics or healing or the need to connect with groups of people who feel like we do.

Awakenings endeavors to be a guiding light for all who seek their own personal way. We honor all spiritual paths and we promise to provide the very best information, classes and products to assist you on your journey. 

Our mission and vision comes from our commitment to our Creator and our life-path which is to teach others how to connect to the Realm of Spirit and to offer classes and information on Psychic and Spiritual Development, Healing and more.

We also bring you the teachings of our loving friend and guide, Malachi and other Divine Helpers as well.   Malachi has said that this urge to connect is an Awakening to our Divine selves and our push to return to "Whole-Being" as he calls it.

(or another of our loving guides and Angels):

What is important is not the “why” something happened but in how you can accept and surrender in the moment.  What is important is that you let go of all of that wondering about “why” and allow God’s Love to fill the empty space that is left.  When Love fills your heart then you will not need to know “why” anymore.  You will have the “Peace that passeth understanding.”  Having that peace does not mean that you just throw up your hands and allow things to go on as they were; having peace from God means that you know that as all things work for the greater good they will change.  It means keeping your focus on Love and knowing that Love will cause the changes that you seek.  When each person is filled with Love, the changes will come that need to come; changes in a job situation; changes in a financial situation; changes in a relationship; changes in the conflict in the world.  You will find that when you are filled with Love and acceptance instead of dread and negativity that things do change for the better.  When you are constantly thinking about what is wrong, you have your attention on that and that is given more energy and power.  When you have you attention of Love, then Love is given more energy and power.  When Love is given more energy and power then things change in your “little” world and when things change in everyone’s “little” world, then they will change in the world as a whole.  Give your attention to Love and to accepting what is in this moment.  That doesn’t meant that you spend all day paying attention to “this” moment and then, “Okay now, it’s this moment” and then, “Okay now, it’s this moment.”  Nothing would ever get done!!!!  What we are saying is that when you start to feel any anxiety about what is happening in your life, stop and breathe in deeply the love of God which is all around you.  Ask for the help of your angels if you want or need to.  Replace the thought of what you don’t have or what you are missing or what you think is going wrong, with the thought of acceptance and surrender to Divine Love, Divine Abundance and Divine Order.  Do this until your anxiety goes away and then continue with your day.  The more you do this and have these “conscious” moments of replacing negativity with acceptance, surrender and Love, the more you will have them as “unconscious” moments.  And the unconscious moments will begin to blend together to keep you always in a state of Love and acceptance. 

–Malachi, August 14, 2014

Our friend, teacher and loving guide Malachi says, "We are One people, One Spirit, One Source".

Universal Life Church, ULC, We Are All Children Of the Same Universe

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Guides and spirits can be channeled to give us information for our life

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Channeling is receiving inspiration from your guides and angels.

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Mediumship isthe ability to contact spirits who have crossed over to the other side

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